shining ever after

shining ever after


SHINING EVER AFTER is one of the most exciting live performance bands of our modern era! Their musicianship and innovation toward rock music have earned admirers not only for their great songwriting ability, but also for their high energy shows that make it an intimate experience with the audience!


SHINING EVER AFTER was born out of early studio sessions in December of 2004. Singer/song-writer/producer/musician Vince Anthony had just completed preliminary production of many instrumentals for the upcoming project, and knew he was working with something "really special". Countless hours went into this pre-production alone. All instruments and vocals on the album, titled A Fire Slit Wrist, were recorded by Vince himself.

"It was a long, arduous and tedious process," he recalls, "having to record all of the instruments, accompany yourself, and make sure that it all adds up in the's very stressful."

Many of the songs began to evolve from the initial direction of the structure altogether, prompting rewrites and rerecords just when the songs seemed to be wrapping up.

"I would find little things here and there that would instantly spark an idea, and from that one another idea, and after a while, the music would just take a life of its own! That's when the music just flows and even amazes you!"

As some demo work was showcased off for local musicians and fans alike, word began to spread fast of this incredible project that was slowly positioning itself to take the rock scene by storm.

With a new sound that is like none other, SHINING EVER AFTER is preparing to take rock music to another level. With a sound that could only be begun to be described as landing somewhere between THURSDAY and STONE TEMPLE PILOTS, or A PERFECT CIRCLE and MUDVAYNE. A cross-breed of STAIND and THE KILLERS, with the raw, deeply emotional sound of bands such as BREAKING BENJAMIN, FLAW and STABBING WESTWARD.

The end result...a product that ends up sounding like all of these and none of these at the same time.



A Fire Slit Wrist (2005)

The Day the Earth Died (Due Out 2006)

Set List

45 minutes

1. Auntri Umdi Realmei
2. Conflict of Interest
3. Nothing
4. Pride Innocence
5. Audible Silence
6.Turn the Tide
7. When Hope is Lost
8. Say the Words
9. The Color of Jade
10. My Last Fall
11. Flood
12. Clearly It's Vague
13. The Spring of Winter

Cover songs include singles by Tool, A Perfect Circle, 311, Stone Temple Pilots, and Staind.