Shining Rock

Shining Rock



Shining Rock reggae band is an Asheville based reggae band bringing consciousness through the music and lyrics. Roots reggae is the solid backbone of our music, but that’s not where it stops. At a live shining rock show you will hear Ska, Hip-Hop, and other genres. Our music never stops growing, the inspiration is everywhere.

Shining rock started out as an instrumental band in early 2006, playing classic roots rhythms from “Studio One” and a mix of original instrumentals.
in late summer 2006 Tche Clay (from local bands “Spontaneous earth”, Ras Berhane/”jah light”, and “Cosmic intuition”) began singing and playing percussion with the band. Shining Rock has been bringing good vibes to the dance floor with high energy dancing songs, and with more of the meditation style grooves… Our sound is heavy, but it is light too.


In 4 Life

Written By: Tche Clay

(Chorus)Yes we in this, for life
I say we in this, game for life
We in this for life
Yes we in this, in this game for life, for life.
(Verse)When your riding high
When your ego is in the sky
This world will cut you down to size and make you open your eyes
And in this day of the sun, some will take any one, opportunity to bust your fun, so wach out I say
livin in the day of the sun so hot it burn
Physicaly and spiritually no it don’t take turns
Decipher my words to solve the mysteries that be
The matrix of life on earth and under the sea, They be
In life there wil be lessons learned, Some bridges burnt, and losing what you have just earned
Just keep flowing on to zion no need to be too concerned
To except and be humble is one of the highest thing you could do, if you fight against the deep water, it will swallow you


Written By: Tche Clay

Without the its roots nothing could be complete
and I and I don’t come to compete
With the natural laws that be
Cause if you do then you will surely get defeat
Illusions are every where cant you see
What is worth fighting for and what is week
What we know is only what we can perceive
So open up your mind and follow he
Who is everything that exist
He who simply is
Yes so simple yet so complex
Creation is endless
Cycles with in cycles is is how energy flows
When will we learn who knows
When will we learn to resist the fools gold that the devil shows, only jah jah knows, so
(Hook) things are so much deeper than words can express, but in this physical world, so many distractions oh yes, we all find our selves getting caught up in all of this mess, got to see beyond the illusion to the highest.
(Change) when they check the heights of truth they will know, yes, and when they check the mirrors of time they will see, when hour comes around all will know, when they see the reflection of the times they will know, yes they will see.


In 4 Life demo