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Shin Lim

Acton, Massachusetts, United States

Acton, Massachusetts, United States
Band Comedy


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Magicians in the Midst..."

You probably didn't know this (I didn't either), but the annual gathering of Mages and magicians, professional tricksters, practicing misdirectionists and wide-eyed neophytes, has alighted at the Sheraton Hotel. The 83rd Annual Convention of the International Brotherhood of Magicians is upon us, folks, so I wandered the yawning, psychedelically carpeted halls of the hotel in search of the impossible -- or, at the very least, the improbable -- magic trick.Ladies and gentlemen, Shin Lim, the Hipster Magician. He was a slender Canadian of Singaporean lineage, with a red silk vest and tie, black skinny jeans and an angular haircut. I was instantly taken. And when he played the Inception theme song, I was smitten. Shin launched into this whole spiel about the persistence of memories, even bad ones. It was a pretty loose allegory when you're talking about card tricks, but still. Christopher Nolan, guys.
Anyway, kid had his shit together. The music swelled at appropriately dramatic moments, and I'd be fibbing if I said I didn't get chills. He was talking about bad memories buried within the subconscious, yet they continued to emerge. So the card is like Mal, DiCaprio's wife, always reappearing and wreaking havoc. He took a card signed by an audience member and placed it in one vest pocket. Moments later, it emerged from the other.
Shin turned his back to the crowd, holding the card in one hand at his lower back. He dropped it, and it disappeared from view behind the table. Hans Zimmer's awesomely bombastic film score swelled, Shin turned to face the audience, and a great gout of white smoke suddenly issued from his mouth...followed by that signed card. Don't ask me how it got there. The crowd gasped. I gasped. And clapped enthusiastically.
- Dallas Observer


Shin's new tricks can be found on
just released: ShinSplint. It has over 6000 hits since Aug 23rd 2011.

Google Shin Lim magic for all other videos.

The magic music video "Rehearsing the Future" won 3 awards from UK and the USA.

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Shin Lim is an international citizen roving from Canada to Singapore and finally the USA.
His oldest brother showed him a simple card trick and It ignited a passion like no other hobby had. Blessed with fingers of amazing dexterity and artistic creativity, Shin is able to create new ,magical tricks and routines especially with cards. Considered young, he has astounded the "secret" world of over 3000 magicians for being able to master many difficult sleight of hand skills within 4 years.
Selected to represent Canada in Card Magic in England 2012 FISM-Magic Olympics confirms his true talent and skills despite his youth.
He has also won awards in film and music.
Shin hopes to transition from the card tricks(since they are the most affordable stuff he could buy) to the more expensive large scale magic illusions.