Shiny Empire

Shiny Empire

 Austin, Texas, USA

Shiny Empire's music is energetic, punk informed power pop with introspective and upbeat lyrics and melodies, accompanied by trumpets, jangly guitar and a flaming keytar. Shiny Empire was founded by Justin Marler who was a founding member of the metal band Sleep.


Shiny Empire is a rock band from Austin, Texas. Formed in 2010 by Justin Marler, Shiny Empire's music is the culmination of Marler's unusual musical past that includes being a founding member of the doom metal band Sleep, to performing acoustic songs during his 7 year stint as a monk, to fronting alt rock band The Sabians. Drawing from his background in hard rock and folk, Marler began writing songs with trumpet parts, broken rhythms, delicate moods and lyrics with a broad range of imagery. After meeting bass player Scott Phillips, formerly of The Heavy Pets and Kudzu Towers, the band started taking shape. A year-long search for a drummer and lead guitarist led the two to local drummer Jaime Cano. However, the search for a guitar player wasn't as easy, so they decided to integrate keyboards into their sound. That's when Shiny Empire chanced upon Phil Davies and his keytar. What is a keytar you may ask? It is that famed instrument from the 80's that is a keyboard and guitar mashed into one crazy synth machine. The end result is punk informed, multilayered, multi-instrumental power pop.


Zeros and Ones

Written By: Justin Marler

I think it’s sweet when she blesses the trees
And waters the rocks by squeezing the clouds.
I think that it’s grand when she floats through the sky
And deigns to descend and walk through the crowds.

I forgot to tell her that I won’t be there.
For the next occasion that she appears.
I’ve got a lot of important things to do…
Don’t ask me what they are.

I wish that I had just a little more time.
To bury the dead and to survey my land.
If I could destroy all of the zeros and ones
I’d have lots of time to put rings on her hand.

Zeroes and ones and all the little pixels
Don’t ask me what they are

Necrophilia is Lonely

Written By: Justin Marler

Oh, your mother said that it won’t be easy.
Oh, cause love is bitter and makes you queezy.
Yea, it’s hard to see when you spin around.
Yea, your never ready to be let down.

When there’s a lonely place in your bed,
All the zombies, they don’t seem so dead.

Oh, your father said that the world is crazy.
Oh, and in the end your be pushing daisys.
Yea, your hanging out at the ICU.
Yea, you’re look’n round for a love that’s true.


I can’t image anything more lonely

When there’s a lonely place in your bed,
I am there for you and I’m not dead.

Safe Place for Her

Written By: Justin Marler

I stayed up late to find a cure
The flowers were a gift for her
When we’re alive we break the stem
And when we’re dead we’re pushing up on them

While we’re living towards the end
So we don’t break we’ll have to bend
And find out what it really means
To sacrifice until we break the seams

She seems tired from all the packing
From the bills that just keep stacking
And I know I’ve strayed away
From the things that mean the most today

All these troubles and these cares.
The second stories without stairs,
And all the places that she’s seen
They are ghosts that chase her in her dreams.

So I’ll carve out a safe place for her
In my chest beneath my shoulder
And they will not find her there
Maybe she can rest without a care


Sophia Vs. The World

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