Shiny Machine is an American rock band. We each come from very diverse, but then again similar musical backgrounds, so you will tend to hear sounds that have a ring of the familiar in a fresh, new way. We are a melting pot of many influences. Our ultimate goal is always to..."serve the song".


Shiny Machine is an American rock band formed in Tuscaloosa, AL in 2010. The band consists of Jim Corriher (guitar), Rob Nolan (guitar),
Rennie Jackson (vocals, bass guitar) and David Rodgers (keyboards,drums).

The members of Shiny Machine come from diverse musical backgrounds which culminate in a refreshing array of sounds and rhythms. Jim Corriher (guitar) has served as a sideman with such legendary artists as Percy Sledge and Johnny Shines. He has a broad background in jazz, blues, funk, R&B and rock ‘n’ roll.

Rob Nolan (guitar) hails from El Dorado, AR and brings a range of influences to the unit from country-rock to jazz, blues and rock ‘n’ roll. Rob has formerly played with the band Bluefish.

Rennie Jackson (vocals, bass guitar) has a background rooted in traditional country, country-rock and rock ‘n’ roll. A lover of all genres, there is little unfamiliar ground that he hasn’t covered. He has played with such bands as Heady Brew, Maroon and Kokopelli.

David Rodgers (keyboards,drums) is also a studio musician with a penchant for creating rap and hip-hop beats. He brings a wide array of textures and influences to the band, and is a versatile musician with the ability to invigorate any song.


Shiny Machine - Shiny Machine (2012)