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Ordinary Tribulations opens the record with a strong presence and some great sensibility. A 3 crash punch section hits hard which links to a tapping and frantic array of notes. The melodic approach to chaos and heavy and thick punch is nice and almost reversed from what one would expect. The flow from dynamically driven riffs to strong and openly sustaining chords creates a strong first impression showing influences from trippy complex finger work bands such as TTNG, and Junior Bob with a more post-rock and orchestral soundscaping quality. The different concepts extend into one another’s sections and retract making a very mathy and evolving sound. The accents displace until meeting once again and making space for the vocal track. Having a particular pop-punk chorusy persona with a more mature and deep tone, the record surpasses the musicianship with radio friendly and more emo-ish song constructs which can only be interpreted as anthemic fists in the air. Disjunctive indie pedal play ends the song with something very unique, and to me worthy of further exploration.

Fried Chicken continues the more atmospheric and dream induced seduction with some delayed guitar and more broken drumming. The song seems to kick a plastic bag in the wind a few times, then watch it sway until it hits the pavement. The instrumentation has a spastic tendency that allows for this jump in intensity. Illustrating the act of picking oneself back up, the moment kind of hangs in the air until its final note.

The title track, being 6:00 minutes long, is a huge change from the previous intense math songwriting in a 2 minute boundary. Costa Concordia gives the musicians time to ride out some great funky grooving and trippy TTNG kind of breakdowns. What I love is that each breakdown is transitioned with a drum breakdown that anticipates the coming beats’ accents and just walks into the next rhythmic concept effortlessly. This record is refreshing to listen to and amazes the listener while keeping his balls in his pants. You never have time to get sick of any particular exploit the band applies because the coming section will always be highly contrasting. and in a way, divorced. The acoustic pedal play is to me the component that will make me return to this Toronto beast for years to come. The song has some unique tones and very plucky punches that roll into more fusion and lead guitarist soloing on bass. The bass in this track has a voice and takes over that role when the vocals drop off because they make complexity the star. The band pulls off some crazy lines in between a pop feel without being jarring and too much to handle.

Manso’s Homefries cleverly starts with softened uneffected guitar that hits a djent distortion. The track then hits a very poetic delivery. A Nada Surf, popular, talking over spacey music. The encompassing noodle guitar concepts that don’t interrupt with shredding help elevate this section. This song is perhaps my favorite due to the note choicing and the nature evoking scenery that the music makes me picture. Having a cyclic shape within my heart’s compass, it’s easy to hear the progressing build-ups as seasonal peaks and weather patterns. It’s funny how this song is about fries, we are canadian.

Fried Chicken [reprise] is so good, I am speechless. No, I am not being lazy, listen to it now! Amazing. Broken Social Scene‘s title album meets TTNG with Radiohead intellectual and thoughtful concept-pop crafting. - DSBSM Music Inc.


Still working on that hot first release.



Five young men set out on a journey to revolutionize the world of music as we know it. Tropical? Emo? Pop? Math? Alt? Indie? ALL AT ONCE, WHAT?!?!
These five young men met in their youth. The Hamilton brothers raised in the Canadian west moved to Toronto at the age of 11 and 12 only to meet Sean and begin a relationship that would last a life time. They began making music together since the tender age in which they met and have only stopped due to the groups unpredictable animosity, a little more than a few times.
In high school the three musicians met Zach and began to jam. This artistically carved pork had begun slow roasting at the perfect rate.
Yet something was missing, a spice perhaps? A splash of extra hoppy beer? perhaps...
One day, as they were wallowing in defeat at an old grassroots song, which none of them could properly develop, an idea struck Sean Clarey. "What if the missing link, is a synth!"
All of a sudden from the door of their practice space, the boys heard a loud noise. There was some smoke, a broken bottle, and a large crown, but at the very center of this cataclysm was one man; Synth in hand mustache on face and moisture all around. The messiah of synthesists everywhere, had finally come.
That was it! This was the 5th member. Fleming was the name and together, Sean Cleary, Patrick and Seamus Hamilton, Zach Goddard and Fleming joined forces to form the Colour Connection. The quintet released two EPs the first called June the second self titled.
Shortly after the release of the self titled EP the boys fell out of love and needed space to grow. Though Zach had learned, wrote, until he became tropical enough to partake in this revolution, Sean and the Hamilton's had progressed rapidly in instrumentation and arrangement, something was still missing. Feeling empty and crushed by the oppressive industry, they laid down their instruments. Those things which once liberated them, were restraints. They were losing the battle against their own pride, and volition.....
After two years of struggling to find answers to their boundless questions; keys to unlock the doors in their now stagnant minds, they one day found themselves congregated once more over alcoholic beverages, in the room of non other than Seamus Hamilton. In hopes of inspiring this group of fantastic men, to reconvene, Zach quietly and manipulatively played a song. An old song reminiscent of first times, the smell of rum, and the pains of puberty. The boys all looked over at him, and a smile crept up on each one of them slowly. The song was a song they knew very well; one they had created with their minds past cogency. From that point onwards the group re-branded, and set off on a new journey. One that will go down in history.
Emerging from the doors of their new found inspiration, they have worked tirelessly to create ground breaking music. They currently have 3 EPs out together ‘Friends again’ ‘Post Everything’ and the most current ‘Costa Concordia’ and are working on developing an album.
Whats next for these Emo, tropical, Math-rock Crusaders? Only time will tell.

Seamus Gannon Hamilton
Self proclaimed hipster and self taught basset from the deep west of Toronto. Goes by the name Boar M'londe and creates ground breaking experimental electronic tunes that would make you re-think every decision you have ever made. He also in his spare time plays synth.

Patrick Hamilton
Elder brother to Gannon. Received his first drum kit at the age of four and it slowly consumed his life. He taught himself everything he knows from listening to Danny Carey. His style is like non other a mix of post hardcore, death core and pop punk. It will drive to the moon and back. After mastering the drums he moved on to experiment with synths.

Matthew Fleming
The worlds greatest and only keyboarder. He plays synth and owns a mustache.

Zach Goddard
Buddhist from day one. Growing up listening to 80's hair metal wasn't easy for him, it caused him to play a lot of synth. After the discovery of Led Zeppelin he picked up his fathers old guitar and could not put it down. He developed a Dallas Green complex at the age of 16 which took its toll on his friends and family. He began to sing and started write folk music. He was able to over come his illness and now uses it to connect spiritually with the world around and in specific, the other musicians in this collective. Zach enjoys time alone, and also reads a lot. he is constantly being criticized for his love for nature, strange psychedelic drug use, and ability to get girls by blinking,

Sean Clarey
Jazz guitar prodigy the shape of a square means nothing to him and yes he plays synth. He loves all music and small animals in particular the smallest dogs. He has been playing guitar for over ten years, has a tumblr, and writes a lot. He is also credited as a saxophone player, a drummer, and as said prior, synth player. Sean produces.