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Ships in the Dark

Watertown, Massachusetts, United States

Watertown, Massachusetts, United States
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"Show review crush: Ships in the Dark at Charlie's Kitchen 11/2"

As I walk into Charlie's Kitchen, the enthusiastic crowd are mostly packed like sardines toward the front of the stage awaiting Ships in the Dark to start their set. I grab myself a beer and take out a pad of paper and pen so that I can jot down a couple notes to write this here review. This being my first show review for BBC, I did not realize that having pen and paper on hand would cause such a stir. Within the 10 minutes of my being there, I must have met at least half of the crowd - parents, aunts, uncle, a sister, girlfriends friends and fans - all wanting to tell me how great Ships in the Dark are. One gentleman jokingly threatened to "find me" if I didn't write a good review. Well fear not, sir, for I now have no intention 0f doing so.

Ships in the Dark begin their set with a funky, upbeat, pop-rock number. At first listen, I couldn't tell which was funkier - the bass line or the keyboard - until I realized that the keyboardist, Scotty King, was rocking both on the keys. The band progressed through the set with a ebb and flow of emotion, dynamic, and intensity. Songs like their fourth in the set, Out in L.A., remind me of poppier late 90's rock such as Phantom Planet, with a light-hearted feel wrapped up in a rock 'n roll shell. Other songs in the set, such as Our Depression and their closer Landslide (both of which can be found on their myspace) cover more serious issues that many of us can relate to. The lead singer, Gabe Rossi, takes the audience through all of these issues with a convincing amount of emotion, while lead guitarist/back-up vocalist, Matt Munson, seals the deal with sweet vocal harmonies reminiscent of early 90's alt rock, and sweeping guitar licks reflective of modern acts such as Coldplay.

Possibly the most impressive thing about this band is the musical talent in use of dynamics and musicianship. Munson plays everything on the guitar spectrum from sleepy triadic diddies to rip-roaring, wah heavy solos. Drummer, Max Monaco plays in a similar fashion. He obviously has the musical knowledge of when it's appropriate to let loose within a song, and when all that is needed are cymbal swells. King shines on the keys with styles ranging from modern to ragtime. Gabe Rossi even takes out a violin for their last number and manages to switch from a rhythmic stutter to an AC/DC-esque lick.

Perhaps that is why for such a young band, Ships in the Dark have an impressive fan base in number and enthusiasm. Or maybe it's simply because according to a fan who insisted I quote her, yet remained anonomous "They are all incredibly handsome."

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"Our Depression"
3-song demo



The fall of 2009 is looking really bright for Ships In The Dark. Debuting for a packed house at The Middle East Upstairs, Ships In The Dark are doing everything the right way. Brand new on the scene, Ships In The Dark are lining up well-chosen gigs for the Fall/Winter season while simultaneously disseminating a brand-new demo entitled Our Depression. Their live show was so well received at The Middle East, they've lined up a promising manager to join Creative Producer Linda Viens (of Angeline, Bad Saints). With a new management team, a great list of songs, and a live show that is intimate, big, and honest, Ships In The Dark is poised for a successful first year.

At first listen, it's clear that this isn't a first-try effort from the members of Ships In The Dark. Gabe Rossi, the lead singer, fresh from a life-and-death experience in 2008, began writing new Material after watching the break-up of his former band, The Klapp. With new material in hand, Gabe recruited Munson on guitar and Scotty King on keyboards. All three members hail from The Klapp, a band who notably opened up for The Roots in 2006 at Endicott College, won the Boston Gorilla battle of the bands (2007), headlined the Block Island Music Festival (2007), and played regular gigs from Burlington, VT to New York.

Ships In The Dark is completed with Max Monaco on drums. It was important to find the most heavy-hitting, musical drummer on the scene, and they found him. Max also plays in Hi8us, a Boston-based band who has played New Orleans' Jazz Fest, Berkfest, and toured across the US to support their first full-length release, ''The Superficial Deep.''

Ships In The Dark has recently released a 3-song demo, "Our Depression" recorded at Soundhouse Creative and mixed by Kevin Brewster. The demo is a mini concept-album spanning 12 minutes of continuous audio. It tells a story of misunderstanding, regret, and burnt bridges.

This may be a young band, but it’s clear that it's made up of four guys who know what they're doing. With lyrics akin to Radiohead, a guitar as loud as Jack White's, and a rhythm section full of funk, Ships in the Dark is grown-up Indie-Rock... in fact, It's Rock and Roll.