Shireen currently resides in San Francisco where her innate rock sensibilities have been influenced by the city's dance and electronic music scene.

NEW SEPTEMBER 2006: Shireen's song, "Set You Free" has just placed as a finalist in Vh1's Song of the Year Contest!


Russian Blue

Written By: Shireen

You say I see it all in black and white
Not true I see it all in blue
I tip my head back and I open wide
The sky and stars fall in on cue

I'm all right
You're in sight
Russian Blue

I slice a hole right through the atmosphere
Head out to Pluto for the night
Spin with the cow and moon and nearly there
Touch down to see you stretched in style

I'm all right
You're in sight
Russian Blue

I'm so tired of feeling
I'm so sick and tired of health and healing
I'm so tired of trying
There's no real difference
Despite your insistence
I'm all
Death and dying

I was so up that I got down again
I guess that's just the way it goes
Sometimes I feel that you're my only friend
'Cause you're the only one that knows

I'm not right
Stay in sight
Russian Blue

I'm not right
Stay in sight
Russian Blue

Russian Blue
Russian Blue
I'm with you...

Set You Free

Written By: Shireen

Life has beat you baby and
struck you down
Take my golden arrow and
hear my sound
I'm the one to lead you from

Shake it from the tree
My primal rhythm will set you free

I sprung from god head
on black rain cloud
So lift your eyes to heaven
and hear my vow
I take lightning bolts and
set them free

Raise your hands to me
my primal rhythm will set you free

Spread your wings my lover and
say my name
I will feed your hunger and
mend your shame
Move like light on water and
honor me

Clap like thunder honey
My primal rhythm will set you free

Darkness runs so deep and
pleasure high
Worship at my alter and
hear my sigh
Crash like waves of thunder and
run with me

Writhe in ecstasy
My primal rhythm has set you free

Burn like Mercury
Your primal body has set me free...


Current release: EP: Less Story More Groove, Baby produced by Shireen Krelle and San Francisco house producer, Michael Ruris.

Please contact shireen directly at or 415-336-4356
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