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Written By: Shiri Parient

MISSING/ lyrics by Shiri Parient

People are afraid to die alone
I never saw the love in you
What doesn't kill you, makes you strong
To be creative I must feel blue

In a way, I thank my pain
You made me stronger every day
To see the sun, I must feel the rain
Pouring down while I go astray

The world is turning
And it gives us a change
Every day that comes is a blessing
Now that I'm sober, I see I was strange
Being with you, never saw what I'm missing

My skin is thicker, I thank thee
All you did just helped me grow
Every curse has inspired me
I'm no longer ashamed of what I do not know

You called me a seed to humiliate me
But now I'm proud of being that seed
Because YOU - is what you'll always be
And me? I'm a beautiful flower indeed

Chorus repeats

We need love like we need to breath
We need the dark to see the light
Experience slavery before we can lead
Do the wrongs to know what's right

But we don't have the courage to leave when it's bad
We don't want to break our daily routine
Feel comfortable staying even though we are sad
Because we keep hanging on to a dream.


Written By: Shiri Parient

HOPE / lyrics by Shiri Parient

The fruit of my love was kicking hard, I knew it’s time
The beauty of my youth has finally reached its prime
Waterfalls, pretty seas slipped down my leg
It wanted to stay inside; I swear I heard it beg
The sound of sirens, silence was screaming loud
I was ashamed instead of being proud
I would call it "Destiny", it’s made to be
The children of tomorrow, maybe
Everything we see is make believe
If it’s the future I don’t know how long it’s going to live
Coz the children of today are born to cruelty
The children of today have no humility
My pain stopped, the future is here
The doctor said "it’s a boy" - all I felt was fear
I ‘m going to have to find me a solution
So instead of "Destiny" I’m going to call him "Revolution"

I feel sorry for the kids of tomorrow
Instead of feeling joy, all they feel is sorrow
In stead of wanting peace, all they see is war
The world is not the place that it used to be before
Instead of flowers, parents give them a gun
Teach them to kill instead of having fun
Teach them to hate not to love one another
They forget that every other is our sister or brother
Remember this- revolution starts with one
But my Revolution will not grow with a gun
My Revolution will not be raised like this
I’m going to show him love, light and peace
So I held my baby tightly in my arms
Prayed to God that he’s going to keep him from harm
Prayed to God that he’s going to cope
So instead of Revolution I decided to call him "HOPE"