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Shirlann's wish is to be a driving force helping to redefine the music landscape here in the 21st century. Instead of the glitzy, superficial music characteristic of pop with its adolescent and escapist themes, she calls us to partake of real soul-nourishment musically by embracing the awakening, healing and empowering opportunities that her enchanting style of eclectic pop music presents. It is Geist-music, the music of the spirit of the Earth. In turn, she becomes an inspired avatar of divine concern, the archetypal presence of the collective-unconscious drifting into the abyss of madness, or the Earth itself screaming forth in spiritual torment, on the verge of collapse. Shirlann's brand of music therapy for a world gone insane is a new formula of pop music which addresses the life-concerns of all ages. Tragically, as older generations vainly seek to recapture a sense of youth forever past, present-day young people are afraid to believe in anything worth singing about after the season of youth is over. On such a bleak music landscape, fear and its escapist progeny rule. Shirlann's conviction is that the music which defines a given generation should not only be the music of its youth-stage but, it should also be the music of its complete journey into maturity and struggle for meaning. As such, it should involve the giving of music gifts of wisdom to those generations that follow. Pop music with guts is a coming to terms with the life process as a whole as musically relevant. Only real life-experience can legitimately sing out that experience. Maturity and youth each have a voice and a perspective that cannot be authentically replicated by the other. It is in this spirit that Shirlann offers us the deep wisdom and eagle-eye view of her own very significant life journey.