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Shirley A. Sesler

Morganville, New Jersey, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2018 | SELF

Morganville, New Jersey, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2018
Solo Electronic Instrumental


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos




For the Month of February, March, and May 2005, Shirley's new CD, entitled "We Need Your Healing" has been listed in the Brookdalian College paper. Known as the CD which is inspirational, motivational, personal, universal, powerful, anointed and for everyone.

Update: Shirley's CD is an ongoing listing in the Brookdalian - Steve Nacco

"Gospel Music Festival"

Shirley is featured artist at this years Gospel Music Fest. Posters and flyers are everywhere. - Rodney Snell

"Walk the Walk"

Interviewed On The Album:
"We Need Your Healing" and how it all became about.

June 17th 2005
Aired on June 18 & 25 - Dan Shieleds

"In His Presence"

Interviewd On The Album:
"We Need Your Healing", and how it all became about.

June 17, 2005
Aired on June 18 & 25
- Joe Acosta

"Welcomes All Artist Who Are Looking For Music"

I am looking to get signed, and hopefully tour worldwide. However until then, my vision for the "Now" is to make Songs Of Healing, a publishing company. In this company, we welcome all artist who are looking for music. All music will be original and written by Shirley Sesler. The music that I am currently writing and have available for you to hear is: inspirational (such as the CD "We Need Your Healing") based on God (which is my fortay). I also have other songs that are inspirational and about our father in heaven.

The new music that I am writing is*inspirational secular* music (does not have the name of God in any of the songs). This new writing technique presents:
1. blues sound inspirationals
2. R & B sound inspirationals
3. Soft Rock sound inspspirationals
4. Reggae sound inspirationals
5. disco sound inspirationals
6. Music for "the woman"
7. Music for "the man"
8. Music for "the father"
9. Music for "solo moms" (currently working on lyrics)
10. Wedding Songs
11. Funeral Songs (but uplifting)

and there's more to come...........
Although the new music does not have the name "God or Lord" in it, the message is positive, it's still inspirational, and it will still encourage anyone to live life to the fullest.

I have already completed songs of: 1. Chorale Songs
2. Victory Chants,
3. Praise & Worships
4. Funeral
5. Weddings
and there's more to come........

God is in control, and he is using Shirley Sesler in a mighty way, so come on in and check out the Songs Of Healing Ministry.

All songs are copyrighted, and protected by Songs of Healing.

We will post membership/contract agreements on the website as soon as I finalize the date of opening. Until then, songs can still be heard for new artist.

Songs already current and out in the music industry, is available for films, movies, and recordings, with a a signed contract, agreement, and payment.

TO Directors & Technicians for movies & films, commercials - If you need little jingles for anything, or any topic, inquire with me, and I can write you some lyrics with the music.

Just tell me what area you are looking for, and I will make sure that you hear the songs in that category. If you like it, there will be a contract drawn up for attorney review, and you can use the song, a signed agreement, and payment.

The songs that I sing are:
All songs are inspirational. All songs are aimed to help someone live life to the fullest. I will not change the focus of my ministry off of "Healing". Each song is a positive message.

So come on and put your request in on the style of songs that you are seeking. Send your emails to:

Shirley is Ready to be Used, and if I can help some of you with background vocals, or anything that you are working on and need a review done, please do not hesitate to contact me.

God bless you all, and I can't wait to work with you.


Shirley A. Sesler
Artist/Songwriter of "We Need Your Healing"
CEO of/ Songs of Healing Ministies - Songs Of Healing


"We Need Your Healing", Released Jan 1, 2005.

You can listen to samples and purchase "We Need Your Healing" at:

All of my music is original, copyrighted and protected.




(732) 470-1863

* All lead and background vocals are written and sung by Shirley Sesler.

All music & lyrics are original, copyrighted and protected.

BIOGRAPHY FOR: Shirley Ann Sesler

Shirley was raised with the love of music in her heart. At the age of nine, she started playing the piano with one finger, along with a lot of banging. Her parents Joseph & Bernice Sesler worked very hard in their profession to provide for their children, along with being saved, sanctified and filled with the holy ghost parents, keeping their four children faithfully in the house of the Lord. There were many times when my father did not want to hear a lot of noise, so he would keep the piano locked. However, when he left out for work, my mother would open up the piano and say “bang baby bang, I might get me a musician out of this”. Today, I thank God for my mother letting me bang, because a musician is what she got.

For the past 25 years, I have been a director/musician over a 30-voice (male & female) choir 15-voice (male) choir, and a soloist and musician around Monmouth and Middlesex country New Jersey.

God has placed so many new songs in my heart, and he has called me to minister in song, to people who are hurting, letting them know that it is time to be healed from your hurt.
No one knows when a difficult situation may come his or her way, but when it does, we have to know how to deal with it.

The songs that God has given me are powerful, anointed, and for everyone. Yes, I am surprised, because I have always been a musician, but really never one who sings, especially alone. However, when I tried to have the thought of getting other people involved with the vocals, God said NO. Yes, I complained that my voice was low, and I’m not a singer, and he told me so clearly that “your voice is unique, and I don’t want you sounding like anyone else”. Therefore, God instructed me to do this first assignment by myself, and with his direction, he led me to Bro. Wayne D. Hughley, who has his own studio "The Music Booth", in Asbury Park. Because God opened the door, I walked through it, and I am still writing a variety of songs today, currently have about 30 original songs ready for establish artist as well as performing some of them myself. These are songs that are inspirational and based on life situations, in addition to some of the songs being gospel songs.

God is using me in a mighty way, because I am just constantly writing, and creating original lyrics and music, and can’t stop. I really love this work, and hope that God blesses me with a studio engineer and individuals who are as passionate about music that will help me get these songs worldwide.

Writing music and hearing it around the world has been my dream. I know that God has given me the gift to write music and I want to write for others, as well as write for movie producers. All I need is a chance and I am hoping that you give me the opportunity to share my gift of original music written by Shirley Sesler, all copyrigted.