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ShireySaid was born in 2001, founded by classical pianist Giulia Scarantino who is completing her Sound design bachelor at IED (Isituto Europeo di Design) and Alessandro Bottari (Drummer and percussion) who’s passion is electronic programming.
Coming from different musical backgrounds they fuse their diverse vibes to create their first unique sound in tracks such as "Angel Tears", "Mother I’m So Cold", "Definitely" and "He").
Defining their own inclination for Trip-Hop and Electronic Pop written in English Lyrics also receiving many inputs from varios musicians giving their individual talents to ShirleySaid as an open-project.
In January 2002, ShirleySaid Studio was formed called Moka Studio. The result of this first stage produced their first 5 tracks on the demo titled "Tales from a chambermaid".
In two months they left the "garage" to perform in Rome and all over Italy, also playing as supporting band of Neutra, Giorgio Canali (P.G.R. and Ex C.S.I.).
In 2003 ShirleySaid with the ZdB (ZO d Berlino) (a group of bands/ a music event agency) performed with NoCodecProject at clubs/venues with avantgardist DJ set producing ambient sounds. Their live improvisations were played at photographic and art exhibitions.
ShirleySaid attends the MEI (Indipendend Labels Meeting - Faenza, Italy) meeting Electronic Italian Reality).
At the end of the same year they produced a soundtrack for 2 theatrical plays.
The flux of their ideas comes totally from cinematography, from video-art, images other than reality but never forgetting their natural multimedia background.
They indeed pursue the idea of creating unique events contaminated with video projections,lightened fragmented pictures and particles.
E. Zomparelli (guitarist of SenzaBenza) cooperates with them giving all his experience adding new stable components to the bass and guitar.
ShirleySaid wins the DISCO D’ORO AWARD in Macerata, Italy.
They are ready to record their first CD that will be completed in summer 2004 at HRS Studio in Rome for the post-production.
In september 2004 ShirleySaid wins the SuperEva Award at RitmiGlobaliEuropei in treviso, Italy.
Giulia and Alessandro completed their final band formation in 2005 with Angelo Quadrini (bass guitar) and Simone Bozzato (guitar) also coming from other experimental electronic, rock and new wave sounds, emerged the embodiment sound of ShirleySaid adding delay, reverber effects.
In 2006 with a stable formation ShirleySaid were ready for the big stage reaching the finals at the Spazio Giovani Festival in Foggia, Italy.
They also play for charity concerts around Italy.
They have been interviewed on many radio stations reaching international attention at Radio Dreyekland in Freiburg, Germany expanding their public.
An Article in national magazine Frequency was written and bieng selected for the Sziget Festival gave a push forward to the band.
To add more to the quality to their refined sound in live performances they added Alessandro "Alektron" Tomei: musician,a sound technician and digital improviser who became a part of ShirleySaid.
It now time for some remixes for a club dimension and to cooperate with alternative realities. Some track ends in Dj-compilations or are grabbed in background soundtracks for Fine-Art websites (
in the meanwhile ZeroMagazine choses ShirleySaid for the concert "Fuorscena" at Circolo degli Artisti in Roma and also letting the band open the KaddyCar concert at Traffic Club.
The portal websites GenovaTunes and MusicalNews writes about Shirley said exalting their new vital vibes.
In 2007 ShirleySaid sound is more complete and mature the post production of the tracks receives the help of Marco Messina (99 Posse) reaching a new "glitch" style.
ShirleySaid give their best live performance in a concert UpSideDownNight and mainly in SENSORI at a theatre in Latina. The ambience produces a refined sound surrounding the place with multi-sensorial experience: electronic, rock and psychedelic ambient music, video and dance performances.



Set List

The live set is composed by 15 songs; only two songs are cover:

- Evanescence#5
- Atoll.B.Vision
- He
- Tales From A Chambermaid
- Angel Tear's
- Talk: catching you
- Rubik
- De Niro
- Winter's Beginning
- Previews of me
- Second Chance
- Sakamoto
- Polished Eyes
- True Faith (NEW ORDER)
- All The Love in The World (NIN)