SHISHA PRODUCTION is both a production and record company founded in 2007 by its producers-songwriters, Shamroz Khan and Shivaranjini Moorthy. We have explored all world music genres with Indian music. Making originals is our passion and our tunes and arrangement with cinematic feel have garnered good listener-ship and made a mark in the media.




TITLE: “Tholaithooram” / Far Away
Song Composed and Arranged by: Shamroz Khan & Shivaranjini
Singer: Shivaranjini
Lyrics: Yugabharathi
Language: Tamil
Synopsis: This song describes the heart of a broken lady who is coming out from her past and seeks solace from a friend, a guy. Her feelings of friendship for him take on a new discovery of love and happiness within her. Feeling so perplexed yet enjoying every moment of this sweet feeling, she battles with the philosophy of friendship, infatuation and true love.


Thinanthorum Manathodu Palanooru Kathai Pesi ;
(Everyday & night, my heart speaks more than 100 stories in silence)

Avan Meethu Uruvana Uyir-Kaadhal Yenai Thaalaatta
(This true/eternal love I have developed for him, rocks me gently like a cradle)


Tholaithorum kidaiyathu, Irunthaney Nizhal Pola
(far away in a distance no more; There he was, close to me like my shadow;)

Malarpatham Nadamaada, Kidaithaney Nilampolah
(As I walked on a flower bed; There he was, my support.)

(Repeat Tholaithooram)

Nodithorum Thadumaarum, Ithamana Padukayum
(every second stumbles with these gentle, wounds)

Pathinaru vayathodu, Kudaisayum evalathu nadusamam
(feeling sweet 16, umbrella tilts down on her twilight )

Yehrala yehkathodu, Naan yehno Unai theenda
(With so much yearning, I am seeking for you )

Poraadum Koochathodu, Pothaamal kangal venda
(Battling with coyness, my eyes are praying nonstop.)


Un Parvai Theeviravatham Athanaaley Kalavaramagum
(your deep darting eyes hijack mine. That has created chaos within myself;)

Un Vaarthai Aalaiyavasam Athu nalum narumanam veesum
(your words embed the scent of a holy temple, that lingers everyday)

(Repeat Un Parvai...)

Thalaisoodum pooviley, Unanyeh kaangirain
(You are as near to me as my flowers are adorned on my hair.)

Thalaisaayum raaviley, Kanavai Aaigirain
(As I lie down to sleep at night, I reflect in my dreams)

Neeyeh En Aasai, Niraivereh Vendum
(Only you have to fulfill my desire for you?)

Neeyindri En nattkal, Perum pizhai polaakaatho?
(Without you my days of living become meaningless, won’t they?)


Thaneeril idugira kolam Karaithodum orusila nodiyil
(drawing kolam (Floor Art drawn with rice flour) in water dissolves in a second;)

Mulmithu Emaigalai Moodi, Urangaamal Thinasari Thuyaril
(closing my eyelids against thorns (of past memories), I can't sleep peacefully;)

(repeat Thaneeril)

Irunethalum Kathaley Enipai theankuthey
(However, this (newfound) Love’s sweetness lingers)

Varinthodum neerpol Nanaithey neenguthey
(Like a continuous stream / river
this love runs smooth & continuously )

Neeyeh En vazhvu Nalamageh vendum
(you’re my life, eternal love)

Anantham appothu en Mugavari Aagaatho, Sol…
(bliss will then be my residence, won't it be? Tell me… )


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