Kent, Ohio, USA

Described as the feasible love children of They Might Be Giants Kimya Dawson, Vivian Midge Ramone are the comedy folk punk duo, ShiSho. The teen sisters have been performing for 12 years with a punk aesthetic that catch audiences off guard. ShiSho is a kid band for post-punk audiences.


If They Might Be Giants and Kimya Dawson had baby daughters they powdered regularly with Joe Jack Talcum, they'd grow up to be ShiSho.

Real-life sisters Vivian and Midge Ramone are the quirky, indie pop band ShiSho from greater Akron, Ohio. At 19 and 16 years old, the girls have been writing and recording for 12 years. ShiSho performs their own brand of funny and intelligent music on accordion, guitar and ukulele.

We deliver a folk-punk performance in a darling way that completely catches people off guard, says older sister, Vivian. Its not planned. Its who we are. We love playing for crowds that arent familiar with ShiSho because we're a disconnect from first impressions. When you see two young girls in polka-dot dresses take the stage with an accordion and guitar, you don't expect to hear a hand-clapping song about a doll ripping your throat open and gnawing at your living skull! But you're delighted when we do.

ShiSho draws inspiration from acts like Kimya Dawson, The Dead Milkmen, Daniel Johnston, Shel Silverstein, Ween, and artists known for humor and clever word play. Always comical, sometimes political (In their 2014 single, My Dear Republicans - The Fiscal Cliff Song, ShiSho rhymes the names of all Republican members of the U.S. House of Representatives in a plea for bipartisan compromise) Vivian and Midge do not cater to the typical tween audience. Though we're kids, we're not a band FOR kids, explains Midge. "We're not nasty or disrespectful. It's just that most kids aren't interested in the things we sing about. We almost got kicked off the stage at a big Girl Scout convention during a war protest song (a cover of Harvey and Felix's "America Will Punch You"). It's ok that den mothers don't like us because punk and indie moms do.

The band performs mostly original songs live. A crowd favorite is Rocks and Penalties a musical narrative about poison rainbows, puking unicorns and a Smiths reunion, released on Englands Filthy Little Angels Records in 2006. Vivian and Midge are seasoned performers, having played countless shows in noted music venues, radio & television shows, activist rallies, comic book conventions, museums, respected and festivals including Austin's Fun Fun Fun Fest. They've performed with bands including Hop Along, Man Man, Cracker, They Might Be Giants, Kathleen Hanna, The Blow, Joe Jack Talcum, the Smoking Popes, Harry and the Potters, Kepi Ghoulie, Skating Polly, and more. Their music and performances have been described as, "wonky," "just barmy genius!," "goofballs... crazy... awesome... fun... mega-silly...," "the absolute dog's bollocks," and "I swear, it almost made me cry, how hard I was laughing."

"The name 'ShiSho' comes from a phase I invented as a safe alternative to a disrespectful one I was fooled into saying to my grandma once. We learned recently that it's a Japanese word to describe an inappropriate giggle," explains Vivian. "I think that fits us well."

In the summer of 2013 ShiSho released The Sisters EP a follow-up to their 2009 project Rainbow Jumpin Demos. It was introduced at a CD release show at the legendary New York City Bowery Electric. The EP features five original tracks including the comically nihilistic tribute, The Dead Milkmen Song" featuring the Dead Milkmen.

In 2013 their posters and stickers were displayed prominently in finale episode of British sitcom, "The IT Crowd." In 2012 they made their Dr. Demento Show debut with a Rebecca Black parody, "Friday (the 13th)," a collaboration with comedy rapper, Devo Spice.

Vivian and Midge are supporters of their local music scene. On weekends they aren't performing, you'll find them in local venues attending live shows. They are often invited on stage to perform along with their favorite hometown bands. In 2011 ShiSho was awarded 5th best local Akron band by the Akron Beacon Journal newspaper.

In addition to music ShiSho actively supports causes for social justice. In September 2011, they organized the RYE (Respect Your Elders) Rally, a 23 act fundraiser, to support 250 senior citizens evicted from their Kent, Ohio retirement community by a real estate developer. Vivian and Midge are also official Occupy Musicians and have been actively involved with Occupy Akron and Kent. Vivian volunteers to support local political causes.
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Magnetic Bunny Arts:



Punk Rock Boy / Dead Milkmen cover (self-released single)
Get Behind Me Santa / original - (self-released single)

Rock n Roll is Here to Stay / cover (Filthy Little Angels Records' Grease compilation)
Disco Brandtson / original (single - self release)
Daddy's Womp / Lifesavours cover (single - self release)
Merry Christmas Now Leave / original (Filthy Little Angels Records 2006 Christmas Compilation)
Get Behind Me Santa / original - (re-release by Filthy Little Angels Records, 2006 Christmas Compliation)

Courtney Sat on a Rock / original (split vinyl w/Hyperbubble (Filthy Little Angels Records)
Rocks n Penalties / original (split vinyl w/Hyperbubble (Filthy Little Angels Records)
Get Behing Me Santa! / Sufjan Stevens cover (Filthy Little Angels 2006 Christmas Compilation)

Cartoon appearance in Itsy Kitsy Comic Book
True Faith / New Order Cover (Filthy Little Angels 1987 compilation)
Christmas Red / original (Filthy Little Angels 2007 Christmas Compilation
Christmas Time in Paris France / original (Filthy Little Angels Christmas Compilation)
Daddy's Womp / Lifesavours cover (re-release, Magnetic Bunny, youngwave music compilation and fundraiser)

Life's Been Good to Me so Far / Joe Walsh cover (Filthy Little Angels' 1977 compilation)
America Will Punch You / Harvey and Felix cover (ShiSho will Punch You EP - Filthy Little Angels Records)
The Thing that Only Eats Hippies / Dead Milkmen cover (ShiSho will Punch You EP - Filthy Little Angels Records)
Stranger in the Manger / original (Filthy Little Angels 2008 Christmas Compilation)
Christmas Bells / original (Tone King Christmas Compilation and Humane Society fundraiser)

Marcus the Flying Fish / original (unreleased)
It's Coming to Get You (The Evil Clown Song) / original (unreleased)
Articles of Confederation / original (unreleased)

I Love the Police / Spoken Nerd cover (unreleased)
I'm Sorry / original (unreleased)
The Wesley Willis Song / original (unreleased)
Sing Out / Cat Stevens cover (unreleased)
Older / They Might Be Giants cover (unreleased)
The Dead Milkmen Song / original (unreleased)
Miss You Now, Pops / original (Magnetic Bunny Arts Rock the Tradition All American Soap Box Derby fundraiser CD)
Ron Conway / original (unreleased)

Friday (the 13th) / original (feature with Devo Spice - played on the Dr. Demento show)
Big Deal / Dead Milkmen cover for, "Now You Are 50," Joe Jack Talcum Birthday Compilation CD.
Christmas at Ground Zero / Weird Al cover for a DIY Christmas Compilation
My Dear Republicans (The Fiscal Cliff Song) / YouTube Original

The Sisters EP
It's Coming to Get You (The Evil Clown Song)
Chicken Poofie
Ohio Man
The Dead Milkmen Song (featuring The Dead Milkmen)
Shrouded in Shadows

Set List

We mix it up, but our standard 45 minute set-list is like this:

Punk Rock Girl
The Dead Milkmen Song
America Will Punch You
Rocks N Penalties
Marcus the Flying Fish
Chicken Poofie
Cartoon Girls
Ohio Man
Shrouded in Shadows
Articles of Confederation
It's Coming to Get You (Evil Clown Song)
I Love the Police