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"Noon's Moonlight"

“. . . folk/country/bluegrass with a good bit of attitude”
- Rock N' Roll Purgatory

"Metro Feature Story"

Urban Cowpunks:
“Even in a city like San Jose, country makes great outlaw music. The ShitKickers have become a local phenomenon by playing their own brand . . . Their gigs, while acoustically accompanied, are electric affairs. That punk-rock sense that there is barely any divide between band and audience is in full effect. There is nonstop raising of the glasses, and sometimes the spilling of beer . . . Christian has a stage presence that recalls Danny Elfman's early days with Oingo Boingo—spooky eyes and a matching deep voice that rises out of the band's driving acoustic riffs and shuffling backbeat. It's a unique live vibe that suits the band's maverick sound.” –

From a feature article in The Metro “Silicon Valley’s Newsweekly”

The full story can be read here: - Metro "Silicon Valley's News Weekly"

"Noon's Moonlight"

Recorded on the devil’s drink, whiskey, and in Memphis, you know that you should expect nothing less but a boot-strapped ass beatin’ from a band named Shitkickers. But who would have known it would have come wrapped in this beautiful bundle of ass kickin’ bluegrass, alt-country, and rock? Sweet banjo flushes your face red as the vocals are as honest as a Johnny Cash funeral procession. Music for the workin’ man—the drunk flunky workin’ man that is! -



2000- 'ShitKickers'

2003 -'Gunfighter Ballads and Drinking Songs'

2006 -'Noon's Moonlight'

DVD's, Compilations, etc.

-'Whiskey', 'Swamp Scat'- Thrasher Magazine "Beer Helmet" DVD

-'Crease In My Bill'-Thrasher Magazine "Keg Killers" DVD

'Beer Song'-'You Are Here' (Scary Records Compilation)

'Burn It Down'-'Seven Dead Roses' (Big Bender Compilation)

'Pacifico Clara'-South Park Music Festival (2006 Music Sampler) feat.

-Various tracks played on:,, The Bourbon Disaster(ShoutCast),, Hellbilly Wreckhouse(podcast), SoupyGato Show(podcast), KSJS(San Jose State University), KZSU(Stanford University), KALX(Cal State Berkeley), KSCU(Santa Clara University)



From the humble beginnings of a three-piece, three-song side show act, ShitKickers have blossomed into a six-piece whiskey-bent, banjo-pluckin' jamboree.
Influences run the gamut from Buck Owens to the Beastie Boys, David Allan Coe to the Dead Kennedys, and all three Hanks.
They have shared the stage with the likes of Mojo Nixon, Th' Legendary Shack Shakers, Mr. T Experience, The Faction, Flogging Molly, The Real Mackenzies, X, Fang, and Dr. Know.
Propelled from tracks included on several Thrasher Magazine DVD's as well as recognition from radio and podcast play, Shitkickers hit the road in 2006, almost ten years after striking their first note.
2007 promises more of the same including Hootenanny and shows with Hank III and Shooter Jennings.