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Norman, Oklahoma, United States | INDIE

Norman, Oklahoma, United States | INDIE
Band Alternative Punk


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"LP- Shitty/Awesome"

Norman, Oklahoma party-garage quartet Shitty/Awesome present this debut LP of high-energy, lo-fi, BPM-conscious, punk-house basement rippers, out on Guestroom Records in an edition of 350. This is frat party music for our dear brothers at Tappa Kegga Day, Reverb University chapter. Here you'll find repetitive fuzzblast riffs a plenty, coupled with driving metronome snare thwack, ladled with reverb'd vocals, stretched, and loosened. The effect is akin to members of Apache Dropout and our own beloved Heater jamming in a storage locker next to the concurrently practicing local acid house DJ, and instead of arguing or outdoing, the two found a happy medium of mutually-inspired symbiosis. Sort of a live band 2011 garagepunkpop update on Atari Teenage Riot, designed with going nuts with your buds and nothing else in mind. We recommend it for the next time you find yourself with a surplus of speakers and sweaty drunken friends. - Permanent Records


Shitty/Awesome (LP) Guestroom Records Records 2011

Hang Up (7") Guestroom Records Records 2010

Say So B/W Shreds (Cassette) Guestroom Records Records 2010



Norman, OK's Shitty/Awesome is a band that straddles the paradoxical line between the farcical and substantive. Like a cold malt liquor on a hot day or reach-around during prison rape, Shitty/Awesome was born of the idea that quality of the input does not always match the output.

Shitty/Awesome is composed of Will Muir (guitar and vocals), Joey Powell (bass, backing vocals, and keyboards when not broken), Derek Lemke (guitars), and Travis Searle (backward drums.) On a fateful road trip to SXSW in 2009, the four decided to create a post-punk influenced garage band completely uninterested in being sleek or even comprehensible, like the indie trite they had spent their weekend standing in various lines to see. The boys of S/A wanted a band that would fill local basements and house parties with loud, sweaty, quivering masses interested in little more than having fun; dancing like maniacs, and eventually passing out in the backyard. Taking notes from garage rock and post-punk legends like Tyevk, The Cramps, Suicide and The B-52's, Shitty/Awesome has extended the formula even further to create a noisy, hairy cacophony that they can proudly call their own. Metaphorically speaking, if garage rock is the champagne of bottled bands, then Shitty/Awesome is a bottle of model glue in the parking lot.

In time, the house/basement party didn't materialize as the band was instantly in high demand around their native Oklahoma. Playing with the likes of The Vivian Girls, Lightning Bolt, Nobunny, and Abe Vigoda, S/A easily burned their unsavory mark into the unsuspecting consciousness of the Bible belt's beating heart. Following a sold-out cassette single and limited edition 7-inch EP, Shitty/Awesome is preparing their new self-titled full-length LP released on Guestroom Records. Recorded at Hook Echo Sound in Norman with every song tracked live, S/A wanted their record to sound like it was recorded in a high school gymnasium, which they accomplished in little over 4 hours with help of producer/engineer Chris Harris.