Hey, were ShiverR from Barrie Ont. Were an exstremly diverse talented Hard Rock origanal band thats here to set new standards in the music industry. We call it a new temptation in hard rock. When we play we have been told by people it gives them goosebumps and Shiver's. Hence the name ShiverR.


Our music is very Diverse. Alot of styles of listeners, and players have been drawn to us. We play blues-rock to metal, but never go to over board. We are set apart from alot of other bands for the reason of our playing ability. We can play very talented musician styles like steve Via' or Zack wild, or Neil pert and john Bottom, or stew ham, or flee. We tend to keep it somewhat simple with the ocassional let loose of an instrument. Our music is writen for the fans without sacrificing our musical abilities. What ever song we are playing we really want to know that our fans can be a part of it. Even in the lyrics we write, are made for the fans to particapate. We do believe we have started a new style, or mabey thats not possible anymore. Mabey it's just circled back to an old style. Never the less we will never no unless we promote our selves into the music field.


We are in the middle of recording a album that should be Released fall 2008
Album: Wildside
Singles: Wildside, Fun in the sun, Retrobution, on her feet again

Set List

Generaly one of our sets would be 45 minutes, Playing 8 to 10 songs per set. Although some places require more or less time, so we will acommidate the house. If the house requires covers we can acommidate them with music like SRV, Hendrix, Stone Temple pilots, Foo fighters, Eric clapton, Santana, Theory of a dead man,and the list goes on. We do prefer originals and prefer not to be doing covers, although money does talk.