Shiv Lizzy

Shiv Lizzy


My music is a mix of Disco, New Wave Lo-fi and pretty much anything to do with the 80's. I like to call it 'Smootronica'.


My name is Shiv Lizzy. I grew up in East Bristol. I live in East London. I am a musician, performer and fashion designer. I I am influenced by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, MIA, Grace Jones and am a little obsessed with PJ Harvey. As well as my own solo stuff I am also the Hype Girl for glamorous disco boogie project Laminate Radio. I write, record and produce all my own stuff. I like snazzy clothes. I like showing off. Some people like me. Some people hate me.


I featured on Drum'n'Bass artist Clipz 2008 single 'Loud and Dirty' released by Audio Zoo. I am currently promoting for airplay etc.

Set List

I have around 9 finished songs - Summer of Love, Uh-Oh, Tremelo, Watch Me, Bad Bones, Message to the World, Lessons in Love, Shout and Everything to Everyone. I also do an acoustic version of Not Like Crazy by Jill Scott. I can do a set list from 10 minutes to an hour.