Sho Aka Tha Jewel

Sho Aka Tha Jewel


Sultry adult R&B/Soul music from the pride of Colorado. Providing both heart wrenching love songs and up tempo dance tunes. Music is clean enough for family type functions but is equally at home in front of an adult crowd. All music is written, produced and performed by Sho.


Sho, aka the Jewel, grew up as a child of the military. A self proclaimed "army brat", Sho moved most of her childhood, and music became an outlet for dealing with the constant change. She began singing at the age of 11 and has said,"Music was my way of breaking through the shyness. When I was singing, it was my way of saying 'I do have a voice'".

A co-owner of 5150XO Entertainment, Sho wears many hats: singer, songwriter, producer, secretary, and promotional director. "I didn't want to sing songs that were not my own, " Sho explains, "5150XO gives me creative control over my music." With 5150XO, she has performed in front of both large and small crowds but most recently Bay Fest in Corpus Christi, TX. Other events include the Colorado State Fair, the Pueblo Chile and Frijole Festival, and Opening for Lil Troy in Colorado Springs and Trinidad, Colorado. Sho has said,"no crowd is too small, I just want a chance to be heard."

In 2005, Sho, aka the Jewel, released her debut album, "That's Just Me." The 17 track CD features songs written and produced by Sho. A review of the album was featured in the Pueblo Chieftain, and resulted in a positive response from its author, Jon Pompia. Currently, Sho is writing and recording songs for her sophomore album which is currently untitled. A songwriter, Sho takes pride int eh fact that she is able to write her own songs. "Each song is a reflection of feelings that I have felt or of events that have happened to myself or the people I am closest too," Sho explains,"By being vulnerable and real, I hope people can relate to my music."

In 2007 and 2008, Sho hopes to complete her sophomore album and perform for new venues to bring her music to a wider audience.


Sho - Thats Just Me - 5150XO Entertainment LLC 2006

Set List

Set intro
Baby Girl
I know Your Hurting
No Good
The Game
Move On
My Heart
It's All Cool
Something's Missing
Low Down Feeling
Stop Me
My Time
XO (Accapella)
Thats Just Me