Shockem Dead

Shockem Dead

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The Hottist flows coming out of the MidWest. Some of the hottist tracks comin out of the MidWest


Shockem Dead is not just a group or band , we are a family a brotherhood . Our main goal is to bring that real sh@! back. That music you can relate to. Not just a bunch of words that ryhme, but words that tell a story you can feel. At TrealLife Records we believe that Life is Real and so is the Music. So when Shockem and TrealLife combined BAHM!!! It was a lock. Our music is a mix of Jazz, Funk, Rock, House, Zouk, Blues and whatever catches our ear. Coming out of the Mid West is not easy; I mean its a up hill battle and this is what seperates the real from the fake. Shockem Dead is 4 of the hottest rappers in the rap game, no exceptions. Check the running documentary on YouTube ( ambition journey ) , or on MySpace ( ambitionjourney ) , Ambition journey of an Independent . So check all we have to offer and take something home with ya. TrealLife where life is real and so is the music.


TrealLife Records Muzick of Mass Disfunktion
Shockem Dead Monstars Inc

Set List

Back to Bizz ,In my city in my state ,Im the Shitt ,Take Over ,Mobshitt ,Realist Shitt ,VooDoo ,Upper Room ,Goon 2 Goblin ,Hard fo the Paypa