Shocking Edison

Shocking Edison


Truly original, blatantly unique alt-pop, without being over-the-top . . . produced by Emmy-nominated Greg Rike of GRP Productions, with legendary Little Feat keyboard man Billy Payne adding his wizardry, the result is refreshingly clever . . . this simply must be heard . . . Shocking Edison!


*Scientific Curiosity, the new CD, was on the FMQB Top 200 Album Chart for nine weeks! Tracks have been added to radio air playlists in over 45 markets! *

Shocking Edison hails from Fort Myers, Florida, the same town that the Thomas Edison had his winter home and laboratory. Like the inventor, Shocking Edison weaves a variety of influences into innovations that are more than the sum of their parts. The band members approach the music from different aspects of life, and are ever-evolving. Their musical influences range from street punk to opera, from ska to Zappa, from Rush to Phish, and from Little Feat to, crazily enough, musical theater.
This is not one of a thousand other bands. Shocking Edison features solid rhythms, thoughtful lyrics, melodic harmonies and fullfilling hooks. A distinctive dichotomy between the female and male vocals highlights the fun and theatrical nature of the group. The live show is unique, entertaining, and above all, fun. If you like Cake, Live, Eve-6, Dude of Life, Alanis Morisette, or ever wanted to know what would happen if Train met the B-52's, then Shocking Edison’s debut CD, Scientific Curiosity, is the release you’ve been waiting for.
The band has a strong regional following, and has been enjoying immediate radio airplay of their single, “Couldn’t Be Better.” The full CD is wall-to-wall and stands up to repeated spins, rewarding the listener with layers of textures and feelings. This is melodic yet edgy music for thinkers, and hearing it will make you feel good. We can all use a little of that.


Couldn't Be Better

Written By: Shocking Edison

every time i see your face
it makes me want to run away
we’ll catch a train some time today

when i’m with you there’s no disguise
for what you feel you cannot hide
your passion, oh it’s

you hear what i say
(see it, hear it, feel it)
you don’t see things my way
(feel it, need it, want it)
you don’t want to stay
(see it, hear it, feel it)
you hate it when i say

couldn’t be better
couldn’t be better
i know things are going my way
it’s not just another rainy day

hold you close, breathe you in
you are my ultimate, my zen
i’m so free, free falling
you’re divine

stars in the sky, lie in the grass
hold me tight, hold me fast
kiss me once, forever last
all night

Paranormal Zoo

Written By: Shocking Edison

i’m a real camarillo brillo
been to heaven and i’m back from limbo
play your cards right and i’ll throw mine
i throw them right every time

normal, i’m so normal
so freaking normal just like you
normal, i’m so normal
i’m from the paranormal zoo

come with me and leave your fears behind
don’t mind familiars and they won’t mind
these creatures help me to believe
i’m really who i want to be
they keep me tidy, they keep me clean
keep me quiet, just let me breathe

Chili Con Queso

Written By: Shocking Edison

chili con queso
(shocking edison)

sat in a diner one day all alone
when i saw you there with your chili con queso
all grown up and i should have known better
than to leave in the rain with a stranger in leather

never forget how you changed my life
and i’ll never be the same
chili con queso

drove to the border, he’s a motor-psycho
found it odd, he’s loco con queso
traded me in for a couple of pesos
guess he needed more chili con queso

never forget how you changed my life
and i’ll never be the same
chili con queso
i exclaim i might never be the same
mister guy mister man mister chili con queso
oh no, oh no

a hostage of libido
held by señor chili con queso

abducted, obstructed
screwed over the border
nothing but tequilla
and chili con queso

i tried to get out on a secret railroad
running away from chili con queso
far from my home in southern florida
follow the scent of chili con queso

never forget how you changed my life
and i’ll never be the same
chili con queso
i exclaim i might never be the same
mister guy mister man mister chili con queso
oh no, oh no


"Scientific Curiosity," the debut CD from ProFound Records Recording artist, Shocking Edison, was released in mid-November. Widespread national media attention has created an immediate buzz. Fifteen of the CD's sixteen songs are playing across over 40 radio markets, with the single, "Couldn't Be Better," leading the way. This song, as well as several album cuts, is also climbing Internet streaming station charts. A three-song sampler, in addition to the full CD, is available to media, promoters, and music and program directors. The sampler includes two original songs and one classic remake, and includes a taste of Billy Payne, Little Feat's legendary keyboard player.