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"We talk to Shockolady"

How did you come up with the name Shockolady?

When I was creating my stage name I wanted to reflect the versatility of my music cause I love mixing different styles. So my first idea was to connect it somehow with chocolate cause I love it incredibly and it has got millions of tastes. But after a while I understood that I’ve got nothing in common with chocolate despite my love to it. I’ve got much more about shock. And “lady” – cause I think that every girl should stay a lady in every situation. And plus I want to support the idea of ladies power: every “lady” can achieve not less then men.

You're quite different to Jedward, who you supported on tour, how did you come to support them?

It happened thanks to my UK Management company (Right Recordings)! They made this deal for me & I must say, that I’m absolutely happy!!! Yes, we are different but that’s the point. It wouldn’t be interesting for people to see similar bands on the stage! So we are different & It gave people a chance to listen to something new. We are not competitors. We had a lot of fun working together, they are very nice!

What was it like supporting them? Any funny or interesting stories?

It was interesting & funny experience, but first of all it was very hard work for me & for guys! People think that there is a lot of fun on the backstage, but usually it’s very hard working process. Of course we had some funny talks, jokes, made photo shoots. But all our thoughts were about making each show The Best. Everything we do is for fans, so we must do our best each time!

Did you get a good response?

Yeah. Jedward seemed to like me. They even were singing my songs backstage. And their fans wrote me a lot that they love my music.

Do you feel like you've built a UK fanbase?

I think I’ve started! Twitter and Facebook are not popular in Russia, so when I came to UK I had 0 followers on Twitter & very few on Facebook. Now it is MUCH better

Any banners or presents?

Yes, it was very cool. In Dundee somebody wrote my first banner “Get your bad ass to my bed” (lyrics from my song), in London I got flowers, Christmas hat & in Ipswich Pajama which I put on for the last song. It was a great fun

How does performing at home compare?

People in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine go crazy at my concerts but mostly they don’t understand the lyrics because of the English language and we don’t have that full contact that I have in UK or USA. But anyway I love my fans in every country

Who would you say are your Musical influences?

I started my singer career singing Jazz. That’s why I love Ella Fitzgerald, Ray Charles. Of course I was inspired a lot by Michael Jackson, George Michael, Queen, Madonna. Now I really enjoy Pink, Christina Aguilera, Prodigy, Rammstein… I love different styles of music & I always try to mix them in my songs.

What's in the pipeline for 2011? Will you be releasing in the UK?

In February - March I will release the second single & music video in UK. And we plan to make release of my album in Germany also in spring. - Cravengossip

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"(TIME*) The Indie Music Event"


Russie, Pop / Rock

[TIME*] accueille un artiste russe sur cette édition. Emmené par la charismatique chanteuse Alla, ce groupe de Saint-Pétersbourg emprunte au jazz, à la new wave et à la powerpop, pour un résultat étonnant d’énergie et de sensualité.


"Phew from Moo"

...stand out performance was the absolutely mental and strangely wonderful ShockOlady. A Russian glam –rock/power-pop outfit with powerful stage presence and the best actual outfits I saw all weekend. The very beautiful and totally captivating frontwoman had a kind of ball gown made from a Puffa jacket material which she whipped off to reveal a red pvc corset type affair. Kind of like a raunchy Bucks Fizz or a Eurovision Lady Ga Ga –totally out there but very entertaining,and the lyrics have stayed with me “ Get you bad ass to my bed-Rock in my Bed” Indeed! Genius. - HorizonVU Music


Still working on that hot first release.