Sho Down

Sho Down

 Missoula, Montana, USA

Sho Down is best described as "High energy, entertaining and fun to experience. A really great band!". When you see one of our performances, you become a part of it. It's our philosophy: It's not our show... It's your show.


From humble beginnings, Sho Down has matured into a band with a diverse play list and a style that is akin to putting a whole bunch of things in the blender, and actually ending up with something that tastes real good. Our roots reach into bluegrass, western swing, traditional country, contemporary country, 70's and 80's rock and roll, Cajun and folk music. Wow, makes your head kind of spin doesn't it. But somehow it all works into a sound that is unique and pleasing. Vocals are the heart of our music.

Most arrangements feature 3 part harmony and intricate background vocal layering that make it sound as if there are more than 4 people on stage. But alas... there are only 4 of us. Ted, Dan, Jeff and Greg.


The Cow Song

Written By: Dan F. Neuman

Verse 1:
Let me tell you the story of a creature that we owe
A debt of gratitude for this way of life we know
Cause all them western heros like Duke & Gene & Roy
Never would have made it known as camel boys
I just can't count the reasons why they are so fine
That's why I dedicate this song to everything bovine

If it wasn't for cows there wouldn't be cowboys
There wouldn't be latigos and rodeos with bull rides
Just think of how bizarre it'd be to ride along the range and see
All those herds of ostriches and llamas
I thank the good Lord they're alive at every single cattle drive
Cause if it wasn't for cows, there wouldn't be cowboys.

Verse 2:
Just think of all those cowgirls that wouldn't have a chance for a cowboy of their own and a prairie land romance. So next you're out driving and see a cow or two, just roll down your window and give a friendly moo.
I just can't count the reasons why they are so fine
That's why I dedicate this song to everything bovine


Prime rib, milkshakes, cowboy boots, ice cream, T-Bones Bar-b-qued, Cowhide sofas and Elmers Glue, cheese and chaps and chunky stew, Cowbells, horns on Cadillacs, hamburgers and jerky snacks, yogurt, gloves and basketballs, saddlebags and cattle calls.

Jersey, Gurnsey, Maine-Anjou, Holstein, Angus, Herefords too. Those long horned Texans are a hit without them there'd be no bull... cowpies.



The Cow Song
Walkin' to Wyoming
Under a Blue Moon - Live 2004

Set List

First of all... we don't use set lists. I know this sounds crazy, but, it's so much easier to just ask the audience what they want to hear. Ok... a typical set would go something like this...

Save a Horse - Big & Rich
Fishin' in the Dark - Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
The Race is On - George Jones
Seminole Wind - John Anderson
Third Rock from the Sun - Joe Diffy
Wild Nights - John Cougar Mellencamp
Good Hearted Woman - Waylon & Willie
Dixieland Delight - Alabama
Cotton Eyed Joe - Bob Wills
Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd

We have been known to play 2 hour sets depending venue and mood of the crowd.