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Shod YnoBee

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My music is this next big movement to this here hip hop industry. I have the rap style that any race or culture can adapt to my music is radio friendly and can still get the respect that some rappers demand from the “underground mix tape circuit”.


Introducing to the industry and to the rap world Shod YnoBee A KA Shod A K A NoBee. Shod from the “Cap” City of Richmond, Virginia. Born and rasied in east end of Richmond Shod will represent a new breed to this here rap game. Our music is more radio friendly compared to underground but we do have songs available on the underground mix tape circuit for u hardcore rap kats. Our music is more commercially sound so the all races and culture will love the style and music that we have for the world. Shod will represent what Richmond and south is really about though his eyes and timely lyrics. Shod has the ability that all industry cats have that is the gift from god to write music. He can write a classic for your best artist and think of a hit for your struggling artist. 2006 Shod will be the next big thing in this rap game! This year he is going to make a good A&R great and a struggling A&R raise to the top, not because of arrogances just because off pure talent. For your listen pleasure I we have a 3 track demo to give you an idea of was kind of music we have.
And remember
“If the first 15seconds of a song does not get your attention then it’s not an hit”
Johnny Wright, talent manger Bad Boy Entertainment


Air Played songs include
Mood for more
She Got It

Set List

Depends on what type of events I may require a "Hype man " on stage with me just for sound purposes