Shoeless Revolution

Shoeless Revolution

 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

The Shoeless Revolution, Seeds of Midwest Funk, Rock, and Pop. Dance-inspiring melody warriors with red levels of ability, energy and danceability.


The Shoeless Revolution: Minneapolis/St. Paul: A child of the Funk Rock and Pop movement is a group that will mesmerize concert goers with a highly danceable fusion of hum and ferocity that will keep the rug-cutters dancing in the front and the wallflowers captivated in the back. After being born in the sweet funky core of the La Crosse, Wisconsin music scene nearly four years ago they have relocated to Minneapolis with the hopes of assembling a new crowd of ears. Having made their way through snow and detours they’ve set their chassis to their craft and traversed the Midwest for nearly five years (that’s almost a pentade!), fueled by a hankering for big experience and tiny discoveries. Constantly changing, forever aware, irrefutably footwear impaired, they’ll make you move in ways that haven’t even been invented yet!


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