Shoemaker Brothers

Shoemaker Brothers


A gruff group of brothers with a soulful sound rooted in American folk-rock and classical string instrumentation. Their music is characterized by warm vocal melodies and smooth harmonies that come together with a haunting emotional power.


The Shoemaker Brothers are united by a common interpretation of beauty and a cohesive inspiration that is only strengthened by the bond they share as brothers. They grew up as four of seven children, performing as the “Shoemaker Family Singers,” along with their parents. For many years, each of the brothers pursued their musical endeavors individually. In December 2007, the Brothers joined together to realize their dream of playing as a band—thus, the Shoemaker Brothers were (re)born. Over the past year, they have played shows at local bars, coffee shops, evening venues, and private parties. The Shoemaker Brothers went on their first traveling tour this summer, cruising along the Oregon Coast and through Napa Valley, promoting themselves, developing their sound, and polishing their show.

While the Shoemaker Sound is ever-evolving, the basic infrastructure of their music is rooted in folk (carrying on family tradition, as their parents were also folk musicians). Yet the incorporation of rock and blues elements serves to texture their sound, placing it in a genre they like to call “string rock.” As the Brothers have developed their musical vision, they have continued to experiment with and add new instruments to their collection. Recent additions have included a mandolin, drum kit, and bass.

The Shoemaker Brothers will soon be embarking upon their greatest adventure to date—a national tour beginning in January. And even though they have been performing for years, Samuel, Nathanael, Daniel, and Gabriel have only just embarked upon what they hope will become a fulfilling and successful journey together not only as musicians, but as brothers as well.

Set List

Typically perform two hour sets.

American Dream
Never Said No
Dancing Girl
In the North
The Escape
Fine Wine
Play Me the Violin
Never Forget
Live Again