Shoes and Laces

Shoes and Laces


Shoes and Laces is taking Tallahassee's local music scene by storm with their fearless, dance invoking, exploratory performances. Come and witness them for yourself and join the fun!


Shoes and Laces formed in November of 2010 and from then on they have been creating high quality aural experiences for a variety of audiences, while promoting a fearless approach to musical exploration. Shoes and Laces are more than just your average funk band; during any given show, you are likely to spot genres such as jazz, rock, latin, and psychedelic jam come out from their repertoire. They are continually challenging themselves in exploring all corners of the vast musical globe, and luckily, bringing their listeners along for the ride.

Shoes and Laces has played alongside national touring acts such as The Heavy Pets, EP3, Cope, and J2K, as well as made appearances at Purple Hatter’s Ball, the Rez Fest, and the Barnett Freedom Festival.

I hope that you have yet to come to any solid conclusion; attempting to define this band is nearly a futile process, so it is up to you to witness the true Shoes and Laces experience by hearing them in the flesh.