Shoman & The Purple Trees

Shoman & The Purple Trees


Traditionally styled melodies with contemporary lyrical twists and turns. Shoman sings real songs about real life and real people, in traditional Irish voice, accompanied by folk, electric and asian intruments. Shoman's vocals have been described as truly ethereal with mesmerising harmonies.


Shoman & The Purple Trees started in 2009 when friends Sinead Oman & Graham O'Connor decided to combine skills and bring a bedroom back catalogue of Shoman's songs to life with musical accompaniment. Starting with Shoman on vocals and bodhran, Graham on guitar and guest female backing vocals. In 2010 Eilis Moroney joined the band adding heavenly vocals, whistle and flute. Michael Murphy joined in 2011 on Electric Double Bass, rounding off the sound with a back bone of beat. The Harmonium was also introduced in 2011 adding an interesting quality to the folk like sound. Shoman & The Purple Trees have been described by fans as unlike anything currently touring the Irish Music Scene, traditional yet contemporary. The band's three part harmonies have been particularly noted as a key enticing feature of the compositions. Shoman is heavily influenced by the folk singing of the 1960's particularly vocalists such as Sandy Denny, Joni Mitchell and Karen Dalton. Shoman & The Purple Trees are also keen fans of The Pogues, Morrissey and Nick Cave.


Nothing released to date. Admiring Boys & Land O' The Pixies have been played on local & national radio. Recording an EP in October to be released pre-Christmas.