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the velvet song

Written By: shomper

he hides so well
in his disguise, his lies go over my head
my attraction is a veil over my eyes

a black curtain of velvet
from ceiling to floor
such a strong, deep, thick color
i've felt this before

where i let the feeling
take over, start to lose control
i describe it to myself
while i hide in my hole

CHORUS: my crushes aren't fun
in fact they mess with my mind
i fall too deeply, i can't see clearly
i become so blind

verse: i can't seem to tell
those it'd benefit to know

i guess fear holds me back
i'm just scared to show
how i really feel, always assume he won't care
that i'll be screwed over
before i'm even aware

it happens every time
whether i'm wrong or right
it's irrelevant cus i let
every chance fly by


when i think of real love
i feel sadness, an ache
and though it's a sad feeling
it's still one i embrace

when one has real love
one has something of worth something to lose
it's more like a curse