Shona Foster

Shona Foster

 Brighton, England, GBR

Nominated for the Virtual Festivals Best Live Act 2009, alongside PJ Harvey and Bon Iver, Shona Foster unveiled her debut album 'The Moon & You' in early 2011. Hailed by Q Magazine as "supercool... outstanding", Shona's next single "Bad Intentions" is released on May 23rd, coinciding with a UK Tour.


Scottish-born, Yorkshire-bred Shona Foster left the desolate beauty of the Moors behind her and travelled south. Arriving in Brighton, she set about bringing to life the songs that would characterise her unique musical direction.

Shona’s work defies easy categorisation. When you hear it, you’ll know that Frank Zappa was bang on when he said that writing about music was like dancing about architecture. We could talk of haunting melodies and enchanting rhythms or about how an Ella Fitzgerald/Tom Waits/Tim Burton collaboration might sound – but that still wouldn’t even be close.

For Shona, the songs spring from the fertile ground where truth and experience meet fantasy and drama – daydreams and imaginary soundtracks made real. What may start as the merest hint of melody is then lovingly crafted by singer and band until the piece has reached its fullest potential. The result is a heady mix of symphony hall (violins, clarinet, flute) and local junkyard (pipes, oil cans, old bicycles).

The exotic and the everyday in perfect harmony.


'The Moon & You' (Album), released 7th Feb 2011.
Label: Beach Hut Records Ltd
Distributor: Republic Of Music / Universal
Format: Digipak CD/Download.
"Oh Patience" - 6 Music.

'Hard Work' (EP), released 26th Oct 2009.
Label: Beach Hut Records Ltd
Format: Gatefold CD/Download.
"Hard Work" - 6 Music.
"Dance Of The Meanies" - XFM