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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


" Review"

From the ATL..Hmmm Love your delivery on the Mic..Interesting..Let me hear some more tracks..

Shalik Berry
A&R Exec for Def Jam
Artist review posted on - Shalik Berry Def Jam

" Review"

I think you have the potential to be dope. I need to see a pic ASAP. You are above the production you currently have..Please get a pic up ASAP..Im interested..

Shawn Suggs
A&R Executive Geffen Records
Artist Review posted on - Shawn Suggs Geffen Records

" Review"

So I'm dieing to see a picture of you!! Lyrically your pretty hot. I feel your beyond the production and need to get some better tracks that will better showcase your skillz. If you have more songs please upload them so I can hear. Your best cut was Cuz Imma Girl which was full of passion! Upload a pic so I can see you! Get some more tracks up as well..Ill be watching this project for sure..

Lenny S.
A&R Executive Def Jam
Artist Review posted on - Lenny S. Def Jam


Still working on that hot first release.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Far too many artists come into this business with the mentality “the game needs me,” and of course, the game proves them wrong time and time again. Shondoe brings a swagger, but her swagger says “I need this game!” Her music is rooted in the Midwest where she spent most of her life and was able to appreciate all of the faces of Hiphop. Early on, she learned the difference between a song and rapping over a beat. As a result, she developed her skill of song writing and composition. With her gifts she began making what contact she could in Cincinnati, OH. Feeling like she had exhausted her options at home, she headed to Atlanta, GA for a chance ‘Open Mic’ encounter. SHE WON! (over a Gospel act to boot!)

Within two months of winning she had packed up and gave up a game she was winning to commit herself to the music industry. That night at Club 112 had turned a smoldering fire into a raging inferno. Now a full time ATLien, she immediately received a huge dose of Southern hospitality. She worked with the likes of Kris Kelly from the Mega-group Kriss Kross, DJ Toomp (producer for T.I.), Rasheedah, Sammy Sam (The Hitman) to several other up and coming artist in the rising South.

Unfortunately, practically everyone she met was at a starting point in their careers or weren’t in a real position to give her the opportunity she needed. As many of them went on to become stars in the game, she continued on her grind. For those with the mentality that “the game needs me,” this might have been the end. However, knowing how much she needed the game, Shondoe, pressed on and became even more FOCUSED. She picked up on the Dirty South formula, added it to her Midwest ‘gumbo’ and delivered passion filled lyrics to whatever track she was blessed with.

The result is always someone saying, “Why isn’t she signed?” The answer is simple; she hasn’t come across the right person at the right time. So she continues on her mission…. To show Hiphop how much she needs her and what she can offer her in a committed relationship! SIMPLY PUT.

On this mission Shondoe has created a loyal fan base in the ATL, as well as, on the World Wide Web. As a member of the website for only four months, Shondoe has generated over 2000 hits to her page and has consistently averaged 9 (out of 10) and earned respect from her fellow artists and A & R executives a like. Some might call it luck or coincidence, but it’s truly a direct result of Shondoe’s versatility, energy, passion, song writing skill, work ethic, humbleness, and ABOVE ALL her commitment to remain herself. She’s influenced by those before her, but not a mimic of them!

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