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SHONLOCK brings a unique blend of high energy rhymes with melodic undertones. His background in dance, Breaking/Hip-Hop, mixed with his crazy acrobatics lead to an incredible stage show not easily forgotten.


In the abyss of rappers, MCs and every other definition of Mic holders, one has to wonder about the absence of the all around entertainer. Shonlock started out as a "b-boy" in the midwest streets of Chicago. Although writing was always a passion, dancing was a major contributor to his reputation as “talented” during high school years.

His gift caught the attention of stage show producers who after a brief audition asked Shon to assist in the choreography of singer Aaliyah. After three months of working diligently with Aaliyah’s team, Shon was blessed with yet another opportunity to work with Nashville based hip hop group “GRITS.” During this time Shon continued to develop his rhyme skills and a deeper understanding of the Christian faith. This sparked an overall blend of faith based music accompanied by Shon’s stage charisma.

Highlights & Features

Arrested Development
Kirk Franklin
Appeared on Verbs' album on "Live To The Music"
Appeared on Dj Maj's album on "So Excited"
Appeared on Zoegirls' Remix album on "You've Been Dismissed"
Appearing on 2004 Holy Hip Hop compilation
Nicole C Mullen
Currently touring with Toby Mac of DC Talk.
Song in rotation on VirtualFrequency radio outlets.

Shonlock's debut EP "MAGNANIMOUS" is a hot commodity. Cop that joint!!


Booking & Management
4613 Liberty Square Drive
Acworth, GA. 30101
(p) 770.917.4862 - Ex.3


Rok Tiki

Written By: SHONLOCK

I ain't gotta spit all fast
like my face on the gas
I spit it slow and still mash
Heaven has a hold on me
it's kinda hard on my homies
but if they all disown me I'm still never lonely
I bust whole bologna so it can't bubble on me nah
she shook the beast so I say peace to Apollonia
ain't nothin stonier than of the Messiah if you deny you da liar

rok tiki tiki uh huh
no freaky deaky nah
we keep it squeaky like, stop okay now
rok tiki tiki uh huh
no freaky deaky nah
we keep it squeaky like everyday

I spit a funk flow full and the glory
they used to call me victim now it's victory
encourage me with huge so I feel a few stories
like Trinitee 5:7 body Lord territory
and yes I'm blessed a vessel in his laboratory
it's mandatory that I speak on the glory
and the cause of the fall of those who fell before me
came to tell the true story not cop swabs for sob stories as I


Now I know the flow thick
no blow and no liq
for sure the lights flicker
victor off the rictor
not at all what I spit for
you get a bit more
like raw law literature
they style immature, miniture mouth need a pedicure for sure
tongue like a flat foot preditor ask me what I said it for "vic" non malice but money mean wit a metaphor
forget the grams, I ring bells like Alexander

chorus out


Written By: SHONLOCK

At the age of three;
My momma said baby, daddy is in prison after all these years of livin kinda hard to say I miss him so Ima keep on, I'm on a mission out on my own and want a better place to live in and I'm tired of just wishin uncle on supervision and my granny won't listen she say gettin better everyday he stole my vcr sho don't look that way

Pushin through pressure and pain my knocka
wanted the sun to shine
seemed like it rained all summer
comin up short with mine
couldn't get a dime from my momma, but this light of mine shined brighter than ever

Pushin on now that auntie gone left three sons to fend for they own
the oldest obsessed by the crome he in the zone
I remember one day comin home he said look at my nickel plated 22 hopin the safety was on as he put the crome to my dome, I said are you crazy hatin to say he's in the pin today for a corner store killin and a bank robbery
seekin heavenly ways to pass his days through life's maze crime pays in the worst of ways and you the only one that seems that had to pay
until that brighter day all I gotta say is I'm


Visions of my soul bound and chained to this earth
felt I was cursed since birth but taught the ways of a Methodist first that if I thirst the Lord would quinch my thirst
spiritual nurse would always keep me from the worst
so I got buff on belief some brothers don't believe enough livin in lust, but still a mental state of Godly trust it was a must cause somebody had to create us and until every microphone rusts Ima bust with trust in Jesus and I'm

chorus out


Debut EP "MAGNANIMOUIS" an independent released has landed three of its six songs on major mainstream radio stations.

"PUSHIN" - currently receiving airplay on: BLAZIN 106.7FM, WNAZ 89.1FM & WIBB 97.9FM

"LOCK DOWN"-currently receiving airplay on WIBB 97.9FM, BLAZIN 106.7FM & streaming on

"ROK TIKI"- currently streaming on

Set List

This is the current set list for a shonlock show.

This set is approximately 30 to 40min.