Shooting John

Shooting John


Scandinavian booking: GermanyPromotion and booking by Spiderwort Net Immylou Coalminer


SHOOTING JOHN balances on the verge between americana and indie flavored
folk and pop/rock. On their recently recorded studio album, HAPPINESS +/-,
the six piece Swedish act delivers melodies of sadness and joy with honesty
and intensity, favoring the mellowness of the minor keys but not without a
hint of hope. The dark, melancholic voice of singer Peder Gravlund contrasts
beautifully to the frail singing of Helena Arlock, all framed by well
balanced arrangements and melodies as well as thoughtful lyrics.
Their 2005 release, MOODSWINGS, brought great critical response, tv- and
radio appearances as well as tour dates in Germany, England and Sweden.


Bright Day

Written By: Peder Gravlund

I want a taste of a bright day
I am getting cold.

How all my days seem like circles
my feet are wearing out.

Cutting my fingers with paper
I’m just really bored.

And the television’s telling it wrong
so why is everybody just going along
and why is everyone just eating it
The plate is clean
And why has everything all disappeared
from my life oh why why?

Trading my hours for money
I just want a trade back .

Oceans of needs I must fill up
Well, I can’t seem to care

And the radio is playing these songs
And why is everyone just singing along…

Are you the sun? (Hold me…)
let’s forget about the world…


Written By: Peder Gravlund

Corner of your eye something passes by
Briefly attracts your attention
Before you turn away or go to sleep

Hollywood movie or the latest news
Can you tell them apart?
What’s the difference to you anyway?

Cause when the bodies fall apart you get enough…
And turn it off…

Misery repeated on the blinking screen
So far away so close
You touch the surface but you sence no depth

Sunday afternoon and the sun is warm
It’s not a time for dying
You pull the trigger that will end the war

Cause when the bodies…


LP Moodswings (2005)Epk songs-Rainsong,Bright Day

LP HAPPINESS +/- (2007) Epk songs- Love and will,War

Set List

Love and will
Artist's dilemma
Emptiness of days
I thought no more was needed
Mornings past
Rain song
Bright day
For a few days
These familiar roads
Under her skin
With reservation
Tried to save me
Joke of the year
Ballad of the end
Highway blues
Drunk and astray
On religon