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Smart Hopewell

Lanark, Scotland, United Kingdom | INDIE

Lanark, Scotland, United Kingdom | INDIE
Band Folk Singer/Songwriter


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"‘THE BEGINNING’ - EP by Smart Hopewell"

Smart approached me a little while back and asked if I might be so kind as to review his recently released EP. I was happy to oblige.

‘The Beginning’ by Smart Hopewell is an interesting mixture of soulful sound, quirky lyrics, an accent similar to that of Bloc Party’s lead singer, brilliant interventions on the triangle, and clever musical composition.

It has three tracks; ‘Beginning’, ‘Royal Safe’, and ‘Star Ceiling’.
All have similar acoustic approaches, but creative and somewhat alternative differences.‘Beginning’ is easy to listen and sing along to with it’s cute and surprising triangle ‘tings’ and vocal echoes.‘Royal Safe’ has excellent guitar riffs, and while the lyrics may be a little repetitive and perhaps also a little baffling; “you cant get on, you cant get off, using people’s hearts like toilet roll”; with an accent like Smart’s you can pretty much get away with anything. Anything. ‘Star Ceiling’ is the last track and also by far my favourite. Again, easy listening and alternative lyrics, but this time jazzier! Makes me want to sway some.

All up not a bad EP. Having known a fair few people who have released EPs in the past, I know that when youre first starting out it is hardwork to be bold enough to share with other people something that is so dear to you. Smart has done an excellent job of putting himself out there, and by the sound of it, enjoying the whole process. Thumbs up for Smart! On a more serious note, he is really a lovely fellow - and you ought to have a look at his blog
- Everyday And Sometimes

"Smart Hopewell Beginning"

‘Beginning’ is the three-track EP from singer-songwriter Smart Hopewell. An eclectic mix of acoustic songs tied together with the common theme of mellow guitar and strong, albeit sometimes unconventional, lyrics. The first track on the EP, suitably titled ‘Beginning’ has all the makings of a good acoustic song, with striking lyrics and a good chorus beat. Aside from the mostly overpowering vocals on the track and mediocre mixing, ‘Beginning’ could well be the strongest songwriting on the EP. ‘Royal Safe’ is slightly more upbeat yet serious. Not many could get away with a line like “you can’t get on, you can’t get off using people’s hearts like toilet roll” in an otherwise heartfelt song, but we’re willing to overlook this lyrical faux pas, because with a first name as cool as ‘Smart’ you can afford to be a little quirky with your music. The whole song could do with coming down a key or two to fit with the belting high vocals but overall the track has a solid acoustic style and a bit of an indie vibe running throughout. The final track on the EP is ‘Star Ceiling’, which sticks to the acoustic theme, but with the strange addition of random drum beats which actually work well to give the song variety. ‘Beginning’ is a strong, enthusiastic first release from the twenty-three year old musician, with ‘Star Ceiling’ as the song on the EP most worthy of being the first single. Check for music and gigs.

Review by Caitlin McAllister - in the music >> short plays


Beginning Ep



Full Name: Smart Joseph Hopewell
Age: 23
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
Skills: Youth Pastor, Author, Writer, Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Graphics & Web Designer,.

Smart Hopewell a 23 year old Youth Pastor, Singer-Songwriter and Radial Christian who is possibly the most humblest guy you’ll ever meet accompanied with a great attitude for serving others. He recently self released and Ep album with all vocals and instruments played & sung non other than himself. He has also recently written his book about how God broke him free from Dyslexia, Bullying and Depression thee name of the book is Simple Kind / Changing Becomes, Simple Kind also happens to be the ministry that (Pastor Smart) is the Pioneer of, using music to reach the heart, souls and minds of today's challenged net generation.

Smart knew from the age of 13 that music would be his life and that God would call him out to use his all to be an example to those troubled that there is a simpler way to live their life, by sharing his own experience infused with the Precious message of Jesus Christ.

With time well spent Smart has been blessed with the chance to spend large amounts of time in education being blessed with qualifications such as, BTEC Information Technology, BTEC E-Media and as of 2011 an NQ. He has also played in very large or small venues in different performances backgrounds such as Bands, Solo performances, Events, Birthdays and much more.