Shopping for Death

Shopping for Death

 Houston, Texas, USA

"We shit Hits!"


Describing where we come from is mundane. Who we are as individuals, and what we like or dislike is far too broad to explain in a short paragraph. Our influences can only be truly drawn out through our songs. The things that make us laugh at you, or wish you death can best be felt through our words and music. Our sound and style is hard to explain, as it is ever-changing, but it will always remain aggressive, loud and experimental. We will never take anything too serious, especially ourselves. We are here to make music that is important to us and to the people who relate to us.

Listen to our songs, come see us live, and stop by to say hello. Biographies are best when told through conversation.


Shopping for Death (demo)- 2010
SFD will release their first full length record out early 2012

Set List

Fuck It All
Never Alone
Vic Morrow
Blood Bath
Sadist Applaud Me
Another Death Detected
Stomach Rice
Die Please Die
Cut Me
Pig Bomb