Shopping Kart

Shopping Kart


An unmatchable blend of intense rock, thought provoking, profound lyrics and a non-compromising sound. The band is driven by passionate performances and a voice that you'll never ever forget. Shopping Kart is unique. Shopping Kart is a once in a lifetime band.


When the four members of Shopping Kart met, they were in university to acquire a diploma that would confirm their talent for music. Discovering each other in their second year of study did just that. It only took a few practice sessions for them to know that they could never reproduce such energy and creativity with other people. The result of months of practice and composition is four rock musicians who have each found their respective paths and made an exponential leap towards using their full potential. They are not just musicians, but managers, producers, sound engineers, designers and their own personal investors.

Carrying an immense musical life behind them filled with different influences, they compose together and achieve meaningful texts and arrangements that blend into a modern and intense style of Rock. Shopping Kart has taken all things dear to them and translated it into music that everyone can access. Such meetings between people and art form the only reason for Shopping Kart to exist. Their music is about the inner battle to find ourselves, to go back where it all begins where we have to fix ourselves before we can fix the world.

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A Simple Wish

Written By: Shopping Kart

Is that all that you can give me

3 days worth of pity

Dont you know you want me?

Or maybe Im too easy

Is it all or is it nothing

Thats the choice youre giving

Since faking is your living

Then killing is what I sing to you

You spend your life trying

To fill the void with nothing

When my heart discovers meaning

Your mind desires bleeding

Your symmetrical affection

Brings so much aggravation

You used me for transition

And I curse the satisfaction you need

From me


Dont you turn your back to me

You never listened to the pain that I feel

All I ask is for you to be real

And your illusion I will not believe(forgive)

Were all afraid to give

But I just wanna live

A life thats full of hurt

Is the time that it is worth

To share what you can get

You show nothing but regret-

Tibly its not in you

And I wish I could renew

Our love

My love


Cuz youre not worth my time I dont need you to shine

And I wish you would die to come back and heal you and I

Youre not worth my time I dont need you to fly

And I wish you would die to come back and heal you and I

To bring back a life left aside

To sing me just one lullaby

To let me sleep before I die

But youre not worth my time

Status Quo

Written By: Shopping Kart

My voice feels empty

If youre not there to hear me

We are meant at least to try

Well be ready in a while

The place that we dont go

Is the face we didnt show ourselves

You shouldnt just say no for we will never know ourselves

I know its hard to free yourself

From the hurt you feel since hes not there


You want alone, Ill give alone

But cant you see

Well die alone

I need to know, enough to show

You dont care for me

And were status quo

My voice was lifted

Far from conceited

To a place I found while lying there

Of grass and green and purple air

The air you dont share

Is the love you couldnt spare yourself

I think it isnt fair

But I guess you have to be yourself

Weve ended in a stalemate

Prebreak my heart so theres no fate



EP: People Happy
DVD: People Happy Live

Set List

We can do many type of set list.

From a 1 hour 45 minutes all-original set to a 45 minutes original and covers set and also an acoustic set.