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Full Legnth Self Produced CD "Saturnalia" Released in June 2005
"Sanity" from upcoming new release streaming on myspace @


Feeling a bit camera shy


The members of Shorn are as follows; Savannah Redmon - vocals, Jake Willoughby - guitar, Eric Cooper - bass guitar and Kyle Cooper - drums. Shorn also feels the need to mention Carter Green - production, world instruments, and occasional guitar; Carter plays with Shorn when he is able. Shorn was formed in a small-town Kansas coffee shop in February of 2004. Cassie and Jake clicked from the very beginning, and immediately began writing soulful songs about their own life experiences. Their music is characterized by heavy rock guitar, ethnic instruments, and a classically trained female voice. They began recording at Greenjeans Studio (tm) in August of 2004, where they joined forces with its owner, Carter Green. His passion for music is only exceeded by his genius. Carter added his own touch to Shorn's first C.D., Saturnalia. He played and recorded tracks of such instruments as the darabukka, ud, erhu, violin, and balalaika. Carter and Cassie also played spoons and wine glasses for songs on the C.D. With the creativity and musical training of Jake, Carter, and Cassie Combined, Shorn's music took on a new life. Their songs are sometimes eerie, angry, mysterious, raw, playful, or even seductive. There are many dimensions to all of their songs, but rest assured; once you hear a Shorn song, you'll know it was Shorn. They have fans ranging from ages 12 to 76. Their music has appeal to its younger listeners, and meaning to those that are only young at heart. When Shorn first started recording at Greenjeans, they needed a drummer to play for them at the studio. They had just lost their drummer, and were having trouble finding someone right for the job. Carter then introduced them to Kirk Russell, a talented solo artist that offered his time and skills to their project readily. He is a phenomenal percussionist with a hard-hitting, steady, yet complicated drumming style. The band fondly refers to him as the human metronome. From time to time, you'll see Kirk onstage with Shorn as a special guest. Eric Cooper has been an absolutely essential part of Shorn. He's a really big guy with a great personality and a mind like a steel trap. He is known for his deadpan _expression contrasted by tee-shirts with sayings that give away his good sense of humor. He is a solid bassist with enough talent to play anything he wants to. He also has the memory of an elephant. The band wishes they had two of him. In a way, now they do. When the band finished recording, they began looking for a full-time drummer so they could play out more. Since Eric is such a solid player, it piqued the rest of the band's interest when he mentioned that his 16-year-old son had been drumming to their C.D. in his room. Shorn invited Kyle to come jam with them, and were completely blown away as he nailed each of Kirk's complex fills. Finally, the band was complete. It wasn't long after the release of our first C.D. (Saturnalia) that Vocalist Cassie Anette left the band to pursue her heart in another town, respecting this choice but desperately needing a new singer Shorn turned to trusted friend Carter Green for advice. After a long and tedious search for the right singer Shorn finally found the perfect voice. Shorns new vocalist, Savannah Redmon, or "Sav" as we like to call her, hails from Albany, Georgia, where she was a music student in college. She was a solo artist before, and simply called her band "Savannah". She recorded 4 tunes at Greenjeans Studios in Wellington Kansas , shortly after she moved to Wichita. She is a manager at Office Depot, writes kickass rock/pop songs, and she's 22 years old! Pretty impressive accomplishments for so young an artist. It had seemed to Shorn that the band was complete and there was no need to worry, that is until Carter stumbled into a dilemma, appease the massive amounts of bands pleading for his quality recordings or continue playing shows with Shorn. Although it was a tough decision Carter did what he must and went headlong into recording. Shorn has played several different acoustic shows; from small town coffee shops to the Terry Quiett Band at their C.D. release concert. From low-key shows like those to heavy electric shows at Battle of the Bands or the Kansas State Fair, Shorn has adapted and risen above to fit any venue they play. They continuously prove to audiences everywhere that something great really can come from a small town like Winfield, Kansas. Although Shorn has been together for a relatively short amount of time they have managed to overcome changes that would have torn lesser bands apart; from having to find a new drummer to losing a very talented vocalist. Through this all Shorn has managed remained true to their music and their selves.