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Sho Roc

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Did you see that show? Maaaan that Sho Rocs!


Rapper/Songwriter Sho Roc whose real name is Keith Brown hails from the infamous city of Wilmington, Delaware.

As the very first deaf rapper, Sho Roc has performed at local Washington, DC clubs, universities, and small organizations. His first solo album entitled “Sho Me Who Rocs Betta” is nearing completion and slated for a Fall release.

The first single (Outside/Inside) combines Sho Roc’s talent for simple yet inspired song writing, an excellent emotional sense and a masterful vocal style to be one of the hip-hop artists.

Armed with razor wit rapping skills and irresistible charm, Sho Roc has set the fire for the screaming fans to go wild every time he goes on stage.


Outside/Inside - Single; Release: June 2004 (Produced by Lyfe)

Sho Me Who Rocs Betta - Album; Release: September 2004 (Produced by Lyfe)

Set List

Performance capacity: 30-45 minutes for one set

Songs performed from the soon-to-be-released album, "Sho Me Who Rocs Betta" are:

1. How I Rep My City
2. Sho Me Who Rocs Betta
3. Keep Movin'
4. Outside/Inside
5. No Pain No Shame
6. Hard Life