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Im just doing what the Lord tell me to do and its been a slow process but for years I been trying to congregate with holy hip-hop record labels but God tells me to be patient and my time will come. Because It is rare where im from to have God fearing men teaching (rapping) about Jesus return and expressing it through music. That would be my dream to be around other teachers on one accord and on one track. In Jesus name I pray Amen.



My influences are the people I interact with daily. Everyone has there own story and beliefs. I never pass up a chance to talk about God, and God blessed me with a gift not only to change lives but to teach his children. What sets me apart from other rappers/bands is the fact that God bless me with a voice to sing, and a voice to teach. I dont consider myself a rapper, that name gives you a bad reputation for yourself before anybody gets to know you. Because yes I been through alot but I asked for forgiveness for my actions. I dont see that as something to brag about when you trying to become a better man, my faithful listeners of my music should be able to tell through my words my light is shining. My story is basically this, when I was a child I did childish things as you may have read in the bible. But my father a preacher at Watson memorial baptist church told me Jesus was mostly around sinner's his days on earth, that really change my whole perception as a young man that no matter what your position is in the world you still Gods child. But a word to my listeners and friends its not an overnight change im still trying to better myself today and I turned my life over to Jesus Christ in 2004. Believe me its not easy being a christian, plus a christian teacher (aka rapper) at that.