Our band consists of three friends who love what they do, and what they do is music. When you see a Shortcut show, you will remember it. One song might be a blues soaked rocker and the next one could be a clean mellow ballad. But the best part of our shows is that you'll have fun. And so will we.


We've been together for four years and have had shows from 200 to 2 people, but we play them all like it's our last. Our music ranges from fast and upbeat distorted guitar rock, to slow and mellow unplugged acoustic guitar.

Evan-Our energetic, leave-it-all-on-the-stage lead singer has a passion for writing music. His lyrics pack a punch, and this is due to some of his influences which include a variety of bands. Led Zeppelin, Beck, Smashing Pumpkins, and The Strokes, are just a few. Everytime you go to a Shortcut show you will remember Evan's stage presence.

Dustin Gustafson is natural born guitarist and can play just about any song that is thrown at him. He has learned that music is his one true love and that his amazing guitar playing sets him very far apart from the rest. His loose and loud style in some songs is complemented by his unique style to also play peices in a uniform fasion. As he tears up his strings on stage, you will watch from the crowd in awe.

Sometimes it just comes to Mike, and other times he will sit and listen to a song for hours, even days in order to get the right drum beat. Due to his 'techinical improvisation', you are guaranteed to never get the same show twice from him. As the power behind Shortcut, he creates good stage presence and makes sure the band is tight musically.


We have released three EP demos of all original material independently, recorded by Pat Stolley of

Set List

A typical set list consists of around 12 - 15 original songs mixed with a couple of covers. A couple of our song titles include Small Talk, Such a Shame, Bored as Hell, I Don't Mind, Devil Wears Makeup, Summer House Party, and many more. Our covers have ranged from Guns and Roses, to Sublime, to Shout, and to the Killers. Our personal favorite cover we do is Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash, which is usually our encore song. Overall our shows are around an hour and a half.