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Redwood City, California, United States | SELF

Redwood City, California, United States | SELF
Band Metal Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"All Access Magazine CD Review"

Hook, line, sinker! The first two songs set the high bar to 'Hate Brought To This Place Called Home'. The band is powered by, Myke DiBattista (Vocals), Anthony Flick (Guitar), Scott Chavez (Guitar) Tony Eakes (Bass), Kenny Pardo (Drums), Martin Boynton (Keys/Programming) Short Fuse is a band that will be on the tip of everyone's tongue before the year is out. The band's debut 'Hate Brought To This Place Called Home' is a testosterone packed recording that when heard by the masses will be a massive breakthrough and reaching a level of success that their peers have acheived much quicker. If you don't already own this album I suggest picking it up now! You are truely missing out on a genre making album. 'Hate Brought To This Place Called Home' is a lethal dose of aggression and mayhem filtered through a refreshing maturity in the songwriting department. As is evident on track like, "Pain Machine", the go for the throat, "Damage To You" and "Unsaved". Aggressive, relentless and intense 'Hate Brought To This Place Called Home' is a rock juggernaut with one hellacious attitude. Plain and simple. If you love metal and its many many forms I can NOT recommend this enough. Now what the hell are you doing still reading this!?!? Go out and buy it. Enjoy. for more info on SHORT FUSE, check out - All Access Magazine

"Noizefront Magazine CD Review"

With their debut album, Short Fuse manages to accomplish a feat that hasn't occurred in years... a compilation with multiple tracks enjoyable to each one of my friends' musical tastes. In short? FINALLY a cd that can be played over the car stereo on road trips. What makes Short Fuse unique in the hum drum of today's Alternative scene is that it is very clear they do not have one particular musical influence. Listening to the album you can sense all the stylings of such bands as American Head Charge, Dope, Lacuna Coil, Slipknot and more! With raw, penetrating vocals from Myke DiBattista and lyrics that will have you proudly displaying metal to all passersby, this album receives Rock Star nods all around. Be sure to pick up this album before your next road trip. It's a MUST have. - Noizefront Magazine

"Ragin Pit Magazine-Show Review"

Last but not least at the Gaslighter, we succumbed to Short Fuse. This show being the CD release of Hate Brought To This Place Called Home, avid fans grabbed up the free copies being given out. Soon to be flying out to Fitchburg, Ma. to play Locobazooka! with Disturbed, God Forbid, Dope, and others; these six guys took to the stage like a punch in the head. Shifting the crowd off their asses and into the pit, Short Fuse unleashed sound much like more seasoned bands. Lead vocalist Myke DiBattista worked the crowd as a charismatic front man. He reminded me of a rougher, huskier, Brendan Fraser with a nose-ring and dreads. Almost soft-spoken in person, Myke dominated the crowd and stage like a pro and prompted audience participation. Keyboardist Martin Boynton set forth sounds and rhythms that complimented every song using a flexible stand like that of the one used by Marilyn Manson's keyboard player. Anthony Flick on guitar, Tony "Scott" Eakes on bass, and Kenny Pardo on drums kept the relentless pace of each song. Overall I was reminded of Rob Zombie with a gritty grind to it. By the third song "Change", a Korn heavy sound, my son was up front for the show. Working the crowd further, singer Myke lamented that it was "the best show they played so far". Aww. While techie keyboard beats rolled over into intense drum bashing, sixth song "Not Myself" had the floor jumping, and my son in the mosh pit…the smallest guy out there. By the ninth and last song, "F.T.W", whose chorus is exactly as you can imagine, the crowd was sweaty, smiling, and happy they came. I was impressed by the overall showmanship of Short Fuse, and their infectious sound. They're ready. - Ragin Pit Magazine


- Debut Album in 2005 entitled “Hate Brought to this Place Called Home” with 13 all original tracks. Initial tracking at the studio of Professional Murder Music front man, Roman Marisak, followed by Trident Studios (Skinlab, 36 Crazyfists) with Producer Juan Urteaga of Vile. Mastered by Tom Baker at Precision Mastering (Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, Nine Inch Nails) in Hollywood.

Track 'Self-Reliance' aired nationally on XM Satellite Radio for 3 years.

- In mid 2008 released a of Live Footage, Music Video, Pictures and More. Entitled "SHORT FUSE - LIVE!!"

- In May of 2010 released second full-length, all original album entitled “Shred The Dead” which was recorded and mastered at Trident Studios by Juan Urteaga

- Coming Soon, 2011-2012 releasing a Compilation Album consisting of New Songs, Old Songs Re-Done, Unreleased Tracks, and a Live Set!. CD is entitled "SHORT FUSE - CONQUER HUMANITY"



Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Origin: Formed in 2005; located just south of San Francisco in Redwood City, California – USA
Official Band Website:
Mgmt & Booking eMail:
(More mutltimedia content at

Band Members:
Myke "Death" DiBattista (Screams & Gutturals)
MarTin Boynton (Insane Symphonic Spasms)
Scott "Beef" Chavez (Erie Leads)
Chris "Get To" LaPoint (Distorted Static)
Tony "X" Eakes (Low End Thud)
Dan "Zaffle" Hartnet (Relentless Beatings/Slam)

Short Fuse is an independent, touring act that was formed in 2005. Their material is all original with wide appeal to both the underground metal scene and commercial radio (material from their debut album was aired nationally on XM satellite radio for 3 years). Best described as Melodic Death Metal with Industrial undertones, Short Fuse is a high-energy, precision act that has performed across the states in settings ranging from private parties to Amphitheaters. Well rehearsed and polished, they take pride in their performances whether playing for a few or thousands. But unlike so many acts of the day, they truly enjoy mixing and having fun with the fans and members of other acts before, during, and after their shows.

The vocalist, a commanding figure, is superb in his delivery with a wide ‘gravel’ vocal range and deep booming death metal growls perfect for the genre. The keyboard adds an eerie orchestrated fullness to the sound and the master at the keys employs a warping stand which keeps pace with his stage undulations. This is all complemented by the driving and leads of the guitarists and bassist which appear to effortlessly retain synchronization with their master percussionist. Having mastered their art watch any of their many on-line videos and witness how they truly ‘take’ the stage and reach out to entrance the audience.

They have released 2 full-length albums of all original material, and have performed in (and have been invited back for) several high profile festivals. Most recently, they just concluded their own multi-state “Shred The West” tour in support of their “Shred The Dead” CD release.

With the exception of the drummer, all are the original members with a long-standing, proven chemistry among them. All the members are over 21 years of age. They are pros at stage time-management, and respectful of staff.

- 2011 - "Sickness in September" in Portland Oregon.
- 2011 - 20th Anniversary of Seattle Hempfest.
- 2011 - "Grind The Blind" Festival at The Brixton in Redondo Beach, CA.
- 2011 - "Summer Slaughter Tour" at the Grove of Anaheim, CA with Black Dahlia Murder, White Chapel, Dying Fetus, Six Feet Under, and Power Glove.
- 2011 - "Bay Area Metal Fest" at The Avalon of Santa Clara, CA with Forbidden, Hatriot, and .
- 2011 - "Ca Metal Fest V" at the Grove of Anaheim with As I Lay Dying, Suicide Silence, and Winds of Plague
- 2010 – Completed self-titled, Western States “Shred the West” Tour in CA, OR, WA, MT, ID, NM, and NV.
- 2010 – “Sickness in September” 3-day music festival in Portland, OR.
- 2010 – “Rockin’ Roots” Festival at Stramler Park Bakersfield, CA with Otep, (hed)P.E., and Abigail Williams.
- 2010 – “California Metal Fest IV” at the Fox Theater, Pomona, CA with Fear Factory and White Chapel.
- 2009 – “End of Summer Days” Festival at the Galaxy Theatre, Santa Ana, CA 2009 with Suicide Silence and Emmure.
- 2009 – “California Metal Fest III” at The Grove, Anaheim, CA with Carcass, Exodus, and Suffocation.
- 2009 – “Locofest” at the Palm Beach International Raceway, FL with Mudvayne, In this Moment, Nonpoint, and (hed)P.E.
- 2008 – “2008 Hollywood Rock Convention” at the Key Club with Hanzel Und Gretyl.
- 2006 – “Locobazooka 15th Anniversary” at the Tweeter Center, MA on the Amphitheater stage with Alice In Chains, Buckcherry, Powerman5000, and Wicked Wisdom.
- 2005 – “Locobazooka! United We Rock” at the Fitzburg Municipal Airport, MA with Disturbed, Dropkick Murphys, Ill Nino, and Dope.