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the legacy

Written By: Christopher Moscato

This is my thesis for the speechless
Jesus teached us, words can reach them
like a season, Change the leaves
and leave us freezing or melting.
Raindrops pelting, feeling helpless
Pain concealed, compressed, I cant help it.
At the speed of light, she reads me my rights,
gives me some insight, then leaves my life.
They said 'Go Hard, Grind like you mean it,
and you'll move on up to arise like the Phoenix.
They taught well, so when the 8-Ball fell
I was never Scratching, my way, outta hell
Could give a fuck about a sale,
I just wanna sail. Float on, out the free world,
thats a jail... Welcome to my tale.

Lets look through the eyes of a madman,
Dreams induced by the sandman
In '87, Os-born like Ozzy
with headphones on me
Doc said i was dead,
My moms held on me,
Her tears fell on me,
Started my heartbeat,
Since then ive been hungry
As a cast away, to right this ship
and Blast away,
Laugh at fucks who laughed at me,
Fuck the world raw, birth a new planet
Let me break it down for you like a young Janet
My minds on the prize and its in the night skies
Right next to the stars we admire all our lives
I decide I cant expire when I die,
The fire in my eyes, just watch them burn
Its Toxic,
Now your locked in....side

Together forever, siamese love
for worse or better its her i dream of.
God is a woman and shes so gorgeous
but i cant get into her fortress
The guardian angels aint impressed
by my charm, my wit, and thick-head intellect
they know i get bent like Shooters 9-iron
Spark up, getting higher and higher
I try and tell them 'I wanna be saved'
Irate, they say 'You aint acting that way,
Get a grip, get a life, get right'
'I wanna, but to a buzz, I grip tight'
My character flaw is like Jay Gatsby's
Id rather party hard and let life pass me
Memories dont live like people do
But one day it will equal you
Music is my easel to, paint my feelings through
and I hope that you feel it, dude.
Welcome to the brain stem
theres some cells and THC's contained in
I never blamed them for repeating the same sins
Im trained in the mind-set 'Not a day i'll rest'
Nickel and diming nonsense
Im not common, finding so much peace in rhymin
But they wont show me like Muhammed
Or break me from bondage,
So heres the carnage of being an artist,
Hours of thought and years of hardship,
The brain is where the heart is...

I didnt lose faith,
I just gained strength
And walked the plank,
See my thought's a lake
So when i fall deep
I just got 'Deep'
I never passed out
I fell asleep
and had a dream that seemed so real
When i woke up and smoked up,
I had a deal...
And my mom had a mil,
My friends had a meal,
In the end, i will, kill the bass knocks
Til the music goes slow-mo
like Baywatch, and watch the tits flop
This is hip-hopped trip hop at the tip-top
You went through my mind's gridlock
and came out alive, survived the ride
side to side, top to bottom
Chris got 'em
Dawn to dusk, my Eyes wide Shut
Tie-Dye prints, Im high bitch, What.