Short Punks in Love

Short Punks in Love


Roger McGuinn and Alex Chilton steal a pick-up truck, kidnap Paul Westerberg and Lou Reed, and take them to Max Roach's house. When they arrive, they jam with Ginger Baker while Brian Eno rolls tape and Tobias Wolff takes notes and feeds Eno's cats.


Fun facts: 1. Cremins was born in Waterbury, CT. Waterbury is the birthplace of the American comic book, which was first printed in its modern form at Eastern Color Printing in the 1930s. The Ramones played their first gig outside of NYC at the Palace Theater in Waterbury in June, 1975. Bottles were thrown at them! Two of the best record stores in the world, Phoenix and Brass City Records, are located in Waterbury. You should visit! 2. Cremins' first guitar was a plastic Smurfs Toys-R-Us model his mom bought him. When he was 16! He drilled a hole in the back of it, stuck a microphone in the hole, and plugged it into his stereo. Hello feedback. Hello Velvet Underground. Pearl got her first violin when she was a kid and was subjected to the Suzuki method for years afterward. This may explain why she now likes to hit things. She also owns a Vic Firth pepper grinder which she says is of the same high quality as her Vic Firth drum sticks. 3. In the 1990s Cremins was the guitarist and singer in the Connecticut-based power trio The Confessors and played venues throughout the Northeast including T.T. the Bear's in Boston, The Bay State in Northampton, Toad's Place in New Haven, and CBGB's in New York. The Boston newspaper "The Noise" described The Confessors sound as "turbo-charged roots rock with added amphetamine Stratocaster."
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Short Punks in Love (self-released album, October 2006)

Set List

We have a ten song set of original songs. We sometimes throw in a cover or two, including Dylan's "Highway 61" and Ricky Nelson's "Garden Party."