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Shortrock is not the typical guy you see scratching behind 2 mc's at a show.Growing up as a sponsored skateboarder,Shortrock would scratch at his fiends place but never thought it would consume his life.But at the age of 18 a bad fall off a handrail changed all that.Having his left arm snapped in half,needing metal plates put in to repair the injury,his sponsors dropped him and he had to teach himself to scratch all over with the opposite hand.With all that aside he developed a unique style and took off with music full throttle.8 years later and many albums,collaborations,tours,and shows under his belt,catch this "scratch musician" cutting violin,koto,flute,and synth samples.This is a genre crossing turntablist.Hear him with K-the-I??? and he's coming with some experimental/psychedelic stuff,hear him with The Presence he's coming with furious whirlwind east coast cutting.Bottom line is Shortrock is not your typical "DJ".


K-the-I??? & Shortrock "3 to 3 million Robots to command" 2006 ShadowArchives Lp

K-the-I??? "Broken Love Letter" 2006 Mush Records

Shortrock "Propaganda,Existence,& Music" 7inch vinyl 2007 Paramanu Recordings

Angryspace 45rpm 2005 Tornformdrawings

Shortrock "The New Art Underground" mix cd 2007
Uncommon Records

DJ Shortrock Live @ Nasa Labs mix cd 2005 Uncommon Records

Arcsin "Oculus Fang" 2007 Uncommon Records

ShadowAnimals winter collection compilation 2005 Subversiv Recordings

"We Are" Uncommon Records Compilation 2006

Galapagos4 "Destroying all lines" tour cd 2004

Brzowski "Maryshelleyoverdrive" 2005 Milled Pavement Records

Wastelands "Rise of an empire" 2005 Chimil Enyertainment

Ambidex "The great potatoe famine" 2005 Early Spotter Records

Sole & The Skyrider Band "self titled" Lp Anticon 2007

and many more tour cds