Johannesburg, Gauteng, ZAF

shortstraw play music. music that sounds like puppies being born. music that sounds like protestors outside an abortion clinic. music that sounds like angels playing scrabble. music that sounds like a married couple fighting through the thin wall of your apartment. now doesn't that sound nice?


Shortstraw started out as a two-piece drums/guitar band, the two
founding members having played in acoustic/funk band 'Wanton'
previously. Al and Ollie have been friends since high school,
where they played in punk band 'Mütt’, and formed a healthy
(musical) relationship. Jamming as Shortstraw since 2007 and
gigging (officially) since 2008, the two-piece changed to a
three-piece when the band called on the bass skills of former band
mate, Jason (also from ‘Wanton’ and currently plays in ‘Cutout
Collective’) and they continued to gig their simple, acoustic
music. Simple as in not complicated... not as in retarded! The
three then began recording their debut EP, 'We Slept Through it
All' with Chris Brink and Mike Stott (of 'Tweak' fame) and finally
completed recording in December 2008.

Whilst recording said EP, maestro Jay laid down some guitar choons
too, and in so doing left the handsome members of Shortstraw in a
bit of a pickle... how to pull off this recording in a live
scenario? So... they called friends and friends called friends
and then along came Phil -- bass machine.
Phil has been with the band since January 2009, having graced the
stage together for the first time at the Wits Street Party ‘09.
Since then, the band has played Joburg burning 2 & 3 and Oppikoppi
Smoorverlief and has had the privilege of sharing the stage with
acts such as Voicst (Netherlands), CrashCarBurn, The Shadowclub,
Newtown and Dead Alphabet to name a few.

Currently in the pre-production phase of recording their new,
full-length album, Shortstraw are on the up and up and have nought
but glory in mind. The members of Shortstraw aren't full of
themselves... they're full of something else. That, and goodness.
And love.


We Slept Through It All EP (2009)

The track 'The Secret' was played on UJfm and was also featured on an SL cd, as were 'LYSAGFY' and 'Keanu Reeves'