short tuesday

short tuesday


loud fast and raw is how we like our music so thats what we play. we really like what we do and people seem to like it to we have been together for 5 years and still goin strong. we have been doin shows once a month for about a year and still doin it.


loud fast and raw is what we have always listened to so why not do it ourselves. this is a band that started in 2000 because there was nothin better to do in our small hick town. so we got together and started righting songs and playing. we just started doing gigs like once a month about a year ago and we are heaslineing our first show 1/28/06 we have a studio album out and a live album and dvd. we like what we do so dig it.


remeber the name ep.
live at the mahine shop
dvd- live at alvins
ipod cast radio
88.3 ann anrbor

Set List

cracka please-odb tribute
starboard ho!
national anarcy
whiskers song
gave up hope
coockies and creme
daggummit i recken
flash light tag
and can play for about an hour and a half