ShortWave Audio

ShortWave Audio

 Texarkana, Texas, USA

ShortWave Audio is a pop alternative band from Texas. To check out their band biography, listen to full length tracks and follow their upcoming 2010 tour "Fightin' Dirty" go to


Short wave Audio is a four piece alternative/pop band, started by Tyler Wortham and Patrick Berry. In 2007, current bassist Mark Wright joined the band. ShortWave Audio started out as a 90's alternative/punk band. For a short period of time the group experimented with different sounds and genres but regrouped to start work on their EP "Belly Up." The look for a drummer became crucial for the EP. The original "Belly Up" was recorded in Blueridge, Texas at Hendricks Recording Studio. The album included ten originals and one cover, by Criminal Shift.

The band went through several drummers, but even as drummers came and went, ShortWave Audio continued to record. The band recorded one song, "Put Your Needles Down" a heavier, more ambient song than the band had ever expected. As their creative voices developed, members of the band switched roles and regrouped.

For a brief time the band took a hiatus with Tyler the only once keeping the dream of ShortWave Audio alive. After a three month lull, Tyler, Patrick and Mark regrouped to give a fresh start to ShortWave Audio. The band began writing more seriously with talk of recording and performances mentioned. After recording the EP with producers Frank Pryor, Russ Cain and Paul Leavitt, the original title for "Belly Up" went through several name changes before settling on "Feelin' Flirty, Fightin' Dirty." Another big step was taken with the band when Cody Graf joined as a permanent drummer.

ShortWave Audio is planning to release the new EP by the summer of 2010. The band talks of the expectations for the EP to be near perfect. "The fans are expecting something big, we've only been working on it three years," muses Tyler.

Playing shows all around Texas for the past six months, from their hometown of Texarkana, to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, to Austin, the band hopes to tour the fall of 2010 after playing the Vans Warped Tour this year.

ShortWave Audio has become very serious about the music, talkign to record labels such as Fearless Records and Hopeless/Sub City Records, and is in high hopes that getting signed is on the horizon.


Feelin' Flirty Fightin' Dirty 2010