Shortwave Party

Shortwave Party


If Florence Welch had separate love children with Johnny Marr and Julian Casablancas and those kids committed incest and that monster started a band...


Shortwave Party is a rising new band based in Austin, Texas, that’s been performing and recording since October 2011. Within that time-frame, it has gone from playing small backyard parties and weeknight shows for scant crowds to playing weekends at popular venues with well-established local acts like Knifight, Bobby Jealousy, One Hundred Flowers, Baker Family, Belaire and Dikes of Holland. In October 2012, the band released a 7-inch that was recorded and mixed at its home studio. The band has also performed live on KVRX, the student-run, independent radio station at the University of Texas, and received a slew of positive reviews for the "Where to Begin" 7-inch/EP.

The band’s sound is firmly rooted in pop music, but such a broad classification doesn’t paint a full enough picture. (The Smiths if they’d been a punk band with a female singer? Perhaps. But even that description fails to tidily sum up the bulk of Shortwave Party’s material.) Guitarists Justin Finney and Brady Porche take turns playing jangly arpeggios and leads over melodic chord progressions. Bassist Michael Kuntzman plays nonintrusive melodic lines that still rise up into the mix and command your attention. Drummer Dolores J. Diaz propels the songs with a dance beat that sets the often-bouncy tempos. Vocalist Shelby DuPerier, who might otherwise overpower a less catchy instrument section, stands out as the face, or rather the main voice, in the band’s sound. The alto singer’s voice moves effortlessly into a smooth falsetto at times and her timbre has a rich warmth. She also belts it out with a soulfulness that sounds genuine in an age where Diva clones parrot one another on network television shows. Altogether, it’s an exciting combination.

For the future, the band looks forward to playing more strong bills in town, doing a mini Texas tour, recording an LP, playing SXSW (with a bit of luck) and furthering the momentum that has gotten them this far. And, of course, getting signed someday and being able to make a living doing what they love: playing music they love would be nice. But then again, the band so enjoys just being a part of the local scene that the simple joy wrought from a drunken night of fun with other bands is enough to sustain them.


Shortwave Party: Where to Begin... (7-inch)