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The best kept secret in music


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1. Hard To Tame Me - Shorty Mack

2. Centerview - Ray J Feat. Shorty Mack

3. Unbelivable - Ray J, Timberland, Shorty Mack, Detail.

4. Me and You (remix) - Cassie, R Kelly, Ray J, Shorty Mack.

5. Out The Ghetto - Ray J, Shorty Mack

6. Smoke Trees - Snoop Dogg, Ray J, Slim Thug, Nate Dogg

7. I let Um Know - Shorty Mack, Phat Beach (sound track).

8. Its On - Shorty Mack, Phat Beach (sound track).

9. Noggin - Shorty Mack(What theme)MOESHA Television Sitcom - UPN

10.Good Times - Ray J Feat. Shorty Mack


Feeling a bit camera shy



Rapper, actor, songwriter and performer Derrelle Owens aka “Shorty Mack” and “The Purp Man” was born on a warm sunny day of June 9, 1981 to high school sweethearts Wesley and Delphine Owens in Sacramento, California. It wasn’t long before tragedy struck in Derrelle’s life. When he was only 5 years old, just nine days following his birthday, shockingly, his father Wesley was killed when he was involved in a horrific fatal automobile accident on a Sacramento freeway. As you can well imagine, this event was cause for a very devastating and turbulent time in Derrelle and his mother’s life. To be so suddenly stripped of the support of a loving and caring father figure. But they had to carry on, no matter how difficult, the pain, grief and hardship of losing a loved one was.

Derrelle first tasted success, at the young age of 11, when he became a part of music producer and entertainers, Auto and Cherokee’s production company “Apple Children” based in Los Angeles. Within their unit, Derrelle became a member of a group known as the ‘Sewer Brats”. Over the course of the next three years as a member of the Sewer Brats”. Over the course of the next three years as a member of the Sewer Brats, Derrelle would be able to hone and perfect the necessary skills that would ultimately enable him to reach his goal of becoming a rap artist. While with “Apple Children” Derrelle was close to signing a very favorable and life altering deal with “Perspective”, a Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis label and the deal seemed imminent but unfortunately for Derrelle, an agreement could not be reached and the deal sadly fell through. So after three years with Auto and Cherokee, their relationship ended.

Derrelle continued to write his musical lyrics and he continued to develop his rapping style in order to master the technique of rhyming. Now known as Shorty Mack, Derrelle’s career took a positive turn in 1996 when he met Pete Farmer who would assist him in navigating the music industry. This began a very productive period in his development because he was presented with a great opportunity to sign a recording deal with JVC and as a result, he recorded and released his first CD, entitled “Shorty Mack” in 1996. From the “Shorty Mack” CD a video was produced that he did with Philip Atwall and Christopher Erskisn. To help promote the CD, Shorty Mack did numerous school tours. And in the mean time, he wrote and recorded two songs for the movie soundtrack to “Phat Beach”.

It was during his tenure with JVC that Derrelle was introduced to singer/songwriter and actor Ray J. (of chart topping hit “One Wish” fame) the brother of award winning singer/songwriter and actress Brandy. Derrelle and Ray J. hit it off and became good friends and eventually a business partnership was established that has spanned many years. From their close association, Derrelle and Ray J. formed their own musical business enterprise called “Knockout Entertainment”, Over the following years, Derrelle worked tirelessly and vigorously to promote and strengthen their Knockout Entertainment label. He has traveled extensively stateside and abroad with Ray J. performing in concerts and shows to bring the Knockout Entertainment brand to full public view and appreciation. At the age of 17, Derrelle received another exciting boost to his career when he was case on the popular UPN “Moesha” show where he played the character “Nice”, for two productive and rewarding years.

Shorty Mack was faced with another tragic occurrence in his young life a 19, when he himself was almost killed in a disturbing random act of violence on a Los Angeles freeway. While he was being driven to the studio for a recording session by one of Ray.J’s bodyguards, a road rage incident ensued between the bodyguard and another irate motorist. Several shots rang out from the other motorist, striking the passenger side of the vehicle. Two of the ill fated bullets found Derrelle, piercing him once in the arm and once in the stomach. The shot to the stomach was life threatening in nature and he could have died from the wound. But Shorty Mack refused to give up and because of his indomitable spirit and his will to live, he survived this scary episode. After a two week stay in the hospital, Shorty Mack was back on tour, performing on 106 and park on BET in New York against the wishes and advice of his doctors. The near death experience however seemed to only further fuel and intensify his passion and drive to succeed.

In 2004, Derrelle “Shorty Mack” Owens landed a role in the classic Samuel L. Jackson movie “Coach Carter”, allowing him to refine his acting talents. He also managed to secure other acting roles during this time span, attaining roles in two highly rated television series. The first one being Fox’s “Boston Public” and the second being the acclaimed ABC series “NYPD Blue”. In conjunction with his on going acting duties. Derrelle continued with his passionate work in the