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The Shorty Roc* EP (2003)
The Shorty Roc* EP [revised] (2003)
The God Dynasty Mixtape (2004)
The God Dynasty Mixtape Vol #2: Music 4 The Hood (2005)
The God Dynasty Mixtape Vol #2.5: Welcome 2 the Future


Feeling a bit camera shy


Shorty Roc* who's real name is Khalif Morris was born on September 11th, 1981 in Binghamton, NY. After a couple of years of traveling his mother settled Khalif and his older brother in the north part of the Bronx, NY in a neighborhood called Co-op City. It was in Co-op City that Khalif began to get involved in a vast amount of trouble. Being surrounded by neighborhood gangs, drugs, alcohol, and an assortment of criminals Khalif found himself wrapped up in the street life that many inner-city teens experience everyday. By the time Khalif was initiated into his first neighborhood gang he had already been involved in numerous petty crimes in and around The Bronx. As his popularity grew his temper and attitude began to reflect that of a bitter teen stressed out by the over whelming temptation to fit in. Due to peer pressure and a deep-rooted anger Khalif began to harass, beat up, and even rob the teens that lived in and around his neighborhood. Despite his behavior Khalif still maintained good grades in school, but he began to see a decline in his academic success the more he became entrenched in the streets. However it was on the streets that Khalif earned his nickname Shorty Roc* and turned his anger and life experiences into rap songs that used the same crude language that he uncontrollably wielded from his lips. However, while satisfied temporarily when rapping in neighborhood freestyle sessions Shorty Roc* was still heading down the wrong path at a rapid pace. After years of getting into trouble in school and out of school Shorty Roc*'s mother became fed up with the path that her sons had chosen. She decided to uproot her family and start a new life down south in Atlanta, GA.

Even though Shorty Roc* had been taken far from the streets of New York he couldn't escape his magnetic ability to find trouble. Soon Shorty Roc* became involved in a brutal confrontation with an Atlanta street gang. Since Shorty Roc* was hundreds of miles away from his friends and fellow gang members this particular confrontation was something that Shorty Roc* could not handle. Shorty Roc* found himself running for his life and being constantly chased by gang members. It was in this time of turmoil and distress that Shorty Roc* became overtaken by depression. One day as Shorty Roc* began contemplating suicide he began to remember the biblical scriptures that had been taught him when he was a small child. With this in mind Shorty Roc* began to pour out his heart and pray to God for help. As Shorty Roc* eagerly awaited God's help he soon found it when his mother decided to leave the area that they lived in and move. This move was life changing. Along with the move Shorty Roc*'s mother forced him to attend a local church where his life would later be transformed. It was at that church that Shorty Roc* began to discover God's love for him. He also was made aware that his perverted language, actions, and current lifestyle were offensive to God. Upon discovery of this Shorty Roc* decided to change and so he gave his life to God. He decided to dedicate his life to God in exchange for a life without crime and uncontrollable anger.

Since his decision in 1996 Shorty Roc* has been determined to stay on the right path. He has also been devoted to using all of his talents including his ability to write and perform Hip Hop music to uplift God and to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He has grown to be one of America's best-kept secrets. Since his conversion to Christianity in 1996, Shorty Roc*, has performed Hip Hop music at concerts, events, festivals, parties, clubs, and other venues in New York City, Chicago, Cincinnati, Atlanta, and various cities in Ohio. His story of street rags to spiritual riches is definitely a testimony of how God can truly change a man. Shorty Roc's life is a definite testimony of hope for our inner city youth and his life story should and will be shared with the world.

Rodney Fudge (513)762-5649 (Pastor)
Darryl Fudge (513)762-5684 (Pastor)
Kenneth Maynor (513)762-5600 (Pastor)